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The best kept secret in music


"Gospel City Review"

The Process: Birth, Development, Destiny

Charles Woolfork & Covenant have been an integral part of the funk/dance fusion in gospel, such as Kirk Franklin, New Direction, and Tye Tribbett and GA. After a near-three year recording absence, the three-time Stellar Award nominee returns for The Process: Birth, Development, Destiny.

Shortening a very lengthy journey, let’s hit a few important facts. Naturally there were the challenges: his mothers’ illness, dealings with sexual impurity and a dry period where the songs would not ooze out. Learning to ease up on the transparency and lean more on God, Woolfork joined The Word Church in Cleveland, Ohio. During an altar call, his pastor clearly set the record straight that a superstar attitude wouldn’t cut it. Woolfork, who became an ordained minister in 2003, has a redirected focus that has sprung forth new songs, new attitude and a new record label, Eternity Musiq Group.

Community propels the singer/songwriter/actor’s busy vision. Project Phoenix is an upcoming project geared for underprivileged kids involving music production. Being led by God to teach teenagers about the risks of sexual diseases, Woolfork has also founded Abstinence In Action (AIA). His obvious passion has carried over to a planned national convention in 2006.

As for the music, the party vibe sets the stage on We Praisin’. Rapper Silky Slim joins forces on this thumping jam. Shifting gears radically is FIXIT, where all problems are directed to the Great Physician. Riveting old-fashioned quartet harmonies claim all the promises for healing and whatever else we may be going through.

The only way to be So Happy is to realize the Lord will always be our picker upper. When words are few, Speechless simply states to keep those hands lifted up and He will respond in kind. Nothing less than God’s Word was the inspiration for Clearly Speaking. Get ready to love the Lord to death as Woolfork and the backing vocalists clearly desire what the Almighty has to say.

No lazy praise allowed as Holla' Back stomps all over and pushes the worshipper to leave the sidelines. The hip-hop feel meshes with techno blasts. Refuge becomes a special place reserved for Christ’s followers who dwell in the never-failing will of God. The Difference (Interlude) zeroes in on some counseling regarding integrity via Woolfork’s mentor Pastor R. A. Vernon from The Word Church.

Remembering when the young paid the utmost respect to their elders, Thank You (Looking Back) harkens the times where rules were followed without question. Despite the disparaging news of the world, there are Betta’ Dayz ahead, and we can fully relax in the Good News of Christ Jesus. Count On Me and Reign reassure us of His availability and comforting Holy Spirit. Then we finally ponder the final resting place detailed on No More Pain.

After several tracks on the mellow side, the CD wraps up with a special treat. On the greasy “funktified” sixties/seventies tip entitled Get Up, comedian/actor Bernie Mac gets his preaching on. Ah oh it’s not quite the real deal, but Woolfork pulls off a brilliant impersonation.

The tenacity of gratitude and worship never takes a back seat no matter what is served up behind the musical scenes. There are a few coats of different colors compared to previous efforts such as sprinkling jazzy tidbits (Speechless, Thank You), and jackhammer beats dousing Holla’ Back.

A core of live players including co-producer Kenny Bell, Joey Greene, and Derrick Wideman lay down church for FIXIT and Clearly Speaking. Izzy Bell, Courtney Dwight, James Agnew and Woolfork’s production savvy displays the edgier trimmings like So Happy and Better Dayz. Woolfork’s seamless voice adapts to every arrangement, whether with R&B, streetwise rap, or even the funny. Putting it all together, The Process… should be noted not only as a gospel music landmark, but where spiritual beauty blossoms, ever seeking the Father in the daily path we tread. - Peggy Oliver

"GOSPELflava Review"

The Process: Birth, Development, Destiny

It's been three years since we've heard his voice and rocked to his jams. Thankfully, the "Prince of the Praise Party" is back, as Charles Woolfork drops his fifth release titled The Process: Birth, Development, Destiny (read interview).

The album marks the debut of Woolfork's imprint, Eternity Musiq Group, and the rebirth of the party master. Longtime fans know that Woolfork brings the heat with the best of them and he doesn't disappoint here with jams like "Reign" and "Betta Dayz". He turns the thump up severely with the high-energy "Holla' Back", which will quickly become a summer favorite.

CDWoolfork teams with newcomer Israel Bell (aka Izzy) on the bangin' "We Praisin'" and "So Happy". Izzy contributes both his production and vocal efforts to these tracks, which perfectly compliment Woolfork's party vibe.

Though Woolfork loves the party vibe, he's also known for his musical diversity and delivers the goods on this project. Check out the quartet-infused "FIXIT", which scratches Woolfork's traditional itch. He shows his genuine love for his church family and admonishes others not to forsake the assembly in the clever interlude titled "The Difference".

Don't miss his throwback track titled "Thank You (looking back)" where he gives his testimony and expresses his appreciation for what God has done in his life.

For the first time, Woolfork handles the bulk of the production duties, while continuing to pen the lion's share of this 14-track record. Woolfork's heart shines through, as is evidenced on the powerful "Clearly Speaking", which is bound to receive a great deal of repeat spins.

Woolfork's comedic side shines on his hidden track "Get Up", where the artist continues to show his appreciation for Bernie Mac with another classic impression.

Whether chairing the praise party, dropping a throwback track, or leading the worship experience, Woolfork is back with a well-rounded message that shows his passion for God.

The Process is well worth the wait and is a worthy debut for Eternity Musiq Group. - Gerard Bonner


The Process -
birth - development - destiny
2005 Eternity Musiq Group

Charles Woolfork & Praise Covenant Choir
Soul Food

Charles Woolfork & Praise Covenant Choir

Charles Woolfork & Praise Covenant Choir
The Second Coming

Charles Woolfork & Praise Covenant Choir
Givin' up the Praise


Feeling a bit camera shy


Since his discovery at the Gospel Music Workshop of America in 1993, Pastor Charles Woolfork has been a part of the landscape of the Gospel music scene. Having shared the stage and pulpit with some of the most dynamic names in the industry, it's his time to become a distinct fixture for the new direction of Gospel for years to come!

The latest of his 6 national releases entitled "The Process - Birth - Development - Destiny" has the aura of blessings and success written all over it as Woolfork returns after a two year absence to once again take us to a new musical dimension. The Process is in his own words his favorite work because it is the inaugural work from his own independent label "Eternity Musiq Group". "As a new business owner and entrepreneur this label is less about me and more about what people of faith can accomplish" Woolfork says.

Music and ministry is what he knew he was destined to do. From his early days in worship ministry to his licensing and ordination by Bishop C. Vernie Russell Jr. of Norfolk VA in 2003, Woolfork has had a love for ministry and music equally. "I feel if you want to be complete in one you need to respect and love the other, they work well when the vessel is anointed to do both." His ministry and music experience is varied as he served as a Worship leader, bible study teacher, youth outreach Pastor, and Administrative Pastor. He is currently a member of the fastest growing ministry on the North coast, The Word Church under Pastor R.A. Vernon of Cleveland, Ohio.

In late 2003 he founded a youth outreach ministry called Abstinence In Action, a vibrant ministry that focuses on HIV/AIDS awareness and training. "I think that real ministry is most effective outside the walls of the church, this ministry is designed to expose our youth and adults alike to the ravages of HIV/AIDS in our communities and to educate them concerning the disease. We deal with a holy - holistic approach to options and the consequences of making bad decisions, I feel that we absolutely need to be more transparent with our youth and in general if we really wish to eradicate this problem and make a difference." Woolfork has several national dates to do AIA workshops and is planning a National summit on HIV/AIDS awareness for youth in 2006.
A multi-talented Actor, Writer, Producer, Preacher , three time Stellar Award nominee and so much more Pastor Charles Woolfork was referred to by Nuthin' But Gospel Dot Com as "The Prince of the Praise Party", A title that thankfully he is not quite ready to relinquish any time soon!