Charley Barzz

Charley Barzz

 El Paso, Texas, USA
SoloHip HopSinger/Songwriter

Charley Barzz was influenced by KRS-One, Wu-Tang, A Tribe Called Quest, Rahzel the Human Beatbox, and many more. With a passion like his, poetic lyrics, and a smooth voice teaming up with his hand picked production compliments perfection.

Originally from Columbia, South Carolina, Barzz is in the Army and is stationed in Fort Bliss, El Paso which is in Texas right on the border of Mexico. He continues to create music while serving his country in hopes to distribute his craft to the world.


Charley Barzz was born Jerome Quick Pearson Jr on January 15, 1981 in Charleston, South Carolina to Jerome Sr. Barzz was introduced to different genres of music at an early age. Originally his first passion was poetry, and singing. But after hearing A Tribe Called Quest on the radio, and listening to his first Q-Tip verse is what set his mind to where it is now. He began to write without a plan to collectively complete a project. Barzz had written rhymes all over his text books in school, napkins when he couldn't find paper, punchlines on his hands, and anywhere he could find a place to write.

After graduation, Barzz moved to Texas from South Carolina for a year before joining the United States Army. He made that move to create a career for himself and to also fund his hobby. As time went by, he recorded in people's baracks room, in closets, and every other way you could think of finding home made studios. It wasn't until Afghanistan that Barzz met with Dwight Nash (Dinero) and helped create Military Minded Entertainment which was established in 2004. This entertainment company was created for all of the lyricist who were in the military wanting to learn how to manage a career in the music industry. So, Barzz stepped foot in a real multi million dollar studio for the first time.

It wasn't until Barzz finished a plethora of songs that it dawned on him to drop his first EP. He vowed that he would create a project worthy of listeners. What to expect from him would be a mixture of several lyricists, old and new.


Definitely Maybe Ft. Ben Cina

Written By: Jerome Quick Pearson Jr.

1st Verse (Charley Barzz)
you see i got this love hat relationship,
shorty's in my head, so i'm thinkin i should loose my grip,
and fall off of this cliff,
if love is blind then i'll fall so i abandon ship,
but if you gamble with your heart you'll pay the consequence,
but ignorance is bliss, and i continue dreamin,
it's like i'm sleep walking trying to descover the meaning,
trying to relate to the reason of you and i,
intertwined for a life time until we touch the sky,
in my mind, i can leave and come back to the same,
knowing the sunshine will kiss the sky after the rain,
it's an eternity of pleasure full of infinite pain,
and there's a percentage of difference but it's mainly the same,
my heart and my brain, collide just like a car with a train,
head on collision like the hudson river did with that plane,
but i'm aight though, first degree burns from the flames,
and the question remains, which of us is really to blame,
now was it me?
maybe she loves me, maybe she loves me not,
maybe she'll be buried beside me when my casket drops,
maybe we're not supposed to be together,
maybe this love is supposed to last forever,
definitely maybe,
maybe she hates me, maybe we need a break,
maybe she's thinking dating me was just a big mistake,
maybe i'm wishing that we don't exist,
maybe i'm thinking we should've never kissed,
definitely maybe
2nd Verse (Charley Barzz)
my approach was the usual, try to attract and get her attention,
and spit it from heart, creating devine intervention,
send it signed sealed, delivered,
till her spine feels a tingle,
if my attempt was a failure, then my mind surely vents,
we're reclining on a bench, our timing is surely spent,
wisely trying to figure her language she's trying to peep what my aim is,
but i'm a frontline soldier and my aim,
get around her body sending shoots to her heart and her brain,
i try to keep it copastetic,
remain calm in my endeavors, within all of the ties binded severs,
from every other opportunity and parasitically,
lives from the essence of your love alone mentally,
my mind floods with the thought of your touch,
and scent of your characteristics, i'm missing you much,
the sound of your voice, it feeds my every thoughts, to continue writing,
and for the idea of your loving i'll continue trying.

Fallin In Love

Written By: Jerome Quick Pearson Jr.

1st Verse (Charley Barzz)
How could you be considered the hottest in the game but you're under rated,
your fan basis depreciates you're unappreciated,
the newness you bring to the table, remains a lost art,
and everything you build is being torn apart,
i was boiling from the start, a kid writing with a spin,
poetic canvases dripping, my soul pouring through the pin,
i scribble what i relate to, jot down a masterpiece,
and memorize it cause without the flame, the cypher ain't complete,
i spit it for the streets, dirty timbs, hoodie on,
walkman in his pocket, fingers pushing on the volume knob,
his head bobbing like his neck broke,
hand motions that control the crowd, now i know that what i wrotes dope,
and new comers gotta prove themselves round here,
and when you step in the cypher the wolves smell fear,
and they attack for the purpose of upgrading,
you couldn't battle the flame, black lotus, or coletrain,
man i love this shit.
2nd Verse (Charley Barzz)
little antwan rubbing his hands together to beatbox,
but when i step in the cypher you hear the beat drop,
then everybody hands go up in the air,
on lookers and spectators say, "that nigga right there!"
is something like the illest, compared me to the canibus of my time,
i wasn't even close to my prime,
a couple shorties that was dimes came and sat on our lap,
the football players was passing and giving us dap,
you got kicked off of the corner if your verses was wack,
the haters would smile in your face and stab you square in the back,
but that was the life in richland,
you could be held on a pedistal or sinking in quicksand,
quick fam, in the blink of an eye,
a battle was an epic event if you studder you die,
then back to the drawing board,
the corner was considered mine, the whole schmorgisborg,
at any time there was a battle but my team was raw,
3rd Verse (Charley Barzz)
Dame Versace was a new breed,
and emceeing was a subject that i'd sit and study till my wrists bleed,
so i switched speeds to the clips and the extensions,
i've evolved to true battlefields from sitting in detention,
scribble on the closest piece of paper of some cardboard,
then spit verses till i'm cottonmouth, jaw sore,
it's raw war, when you're staring in the mirror,
get your swagger down packed, fitted leaning, all that,
get the green and fall back, try to focus on the fam,
but in the midst of all that, you steered away from the plan,
my lyrics are not a percentage but fully who i am,
i spit it as GOD as my witness i truly am the man,
i'm the one that took the red pill infected with the truth,
after i'm finished with sixteens they quarantine the booth,
i inject you with a dose of the past, i am the future,
i'm a creation from something that you're just not used to.

Fight of your Life Ft. Angela Carter

Written By: Jerome Quick Pearson Jr., Ariel Wilson

1st Verse (Charley Barzz)
see as a young dude i learned at early age, life's a masquerade,
there's more to living then working a job and getting paid,
see my mother raised me from conception,
and i ain't have my father to show me the right direction i was tested,
it was destined how my hand was dealt, for me to live in darkness,
my mother started using, when she lost me, she loste it,
my father back trom the was and was married to a green eyed bandit,
she couldn't stand us, my father should've abandoned,
me shamieka and rod, had it hard growing adolescense,
my father working two job so we didn't have protection,
praying to escape to my mother's comfort but to my knowledge,
my mother was a drug abuser in and out of spots like,
rehabilitation centers homeless shelters,
as a growing man i was fighting the pressure i was helpless,
if it wasn't for tay, buying jordan's for my feet,
and every now and then my father taught me how to stand and speak like a man,
then i couldn't fight for it.
this is the perfect night for the fight,
the perfect night for the fight of your life,
2nd Verse (Charley Barzz)
yeah, dispite the suffering from growing pains,
the youthful age of sixteen my mother pasted away,
i placed some bread upon her headstone,
to show my undying love and show my step mother that she was dead wrong,
she used to tell me that my mother was a crack fiend,
my age was eight with no recollection to what crack means,
my innocents was taking, i felt GOD had forsaken,
i was fighting through the fire dodging the serpents and snakes,
then i saw the light, through the tunnel it was shining bright,
it helped me navigate my thoughts through the darkest nights,
i held tight to broken promises my heart was broken,
from baby mother to the next i crossed my fingers hoping,
it was all a dream, but vanity is sin,
so is adultery they couldn't fight the sin within,
wish i'd a chose Jocelyn over Sonja,
constantly wish you could turn back the hands of time don't you,
i wish i would've known a little more, and i still feel your face in the sunshine, and that's what i'm fighting for,
to Sandra Lee, help me hold my children tight together, and show me the path with a sunny forcast of weather,
to all my soldiers in the trenches, that didn't make it home just know that i'm a hold it down for you word is bond,
keep me in your prayers and i'll keep you in my thoughts forever, and when the father calls me home then we'll fight together.

Get Shot Ft. Nomad

Written By: Jerome Quick Pearson Jr, Anthony Shoemo

1st Verse (Charley Barzz)
i make the shorties get it poppin on a handstand,
and if they having daddy issues i'll do what they man can't,
as far as your man staring like he gonna do something,
in case he gets out of line, hollows will tap his spine,
let him know rap is mine, and i'm returning to the roots without the black thought,
i'm darker than the black arts,
left hook your bouncer till he backflips and summersaults,
with one mic i'm illmatic keep the steel sparked,
see i'm a lover and a lyricist,
listeners travel through unheard of distances just to listen or witness this,
but if i had to i'll cock the pump like i'm skeetin,
leave your hemoglobin leakin and you a parapalegic,
i'll flawless victory every emcee that's in my vicinity,
anyone rockin with me is automatically kin of me,
so treat him like it or i'll snipe you like a kennedy,
copy my Yao Ming with sixteens, you just a mini me.
2nd Verse (Nomad)
They say, nomad is the nautilus,
messages archaeologist,
sleeping in
3rd Verse (Charley Barzz)
and i'll form the head, lead the mechanical monster,
with monsta dot on the boards, i'll carolina stomp ya,
i put the pin to pomposes nomad's the accomplise,
swimming with the birds, and fly as the killer sharks,
tranquilized with bigger darts till your paralyzed,
run an interference with bigger booty and bigger thighs,
and when your heads three sixty like the exorcise,
extensions on the ruger leave your body on a stretcher quick,
if i was you i really wouldn't wanna test the kid,
but see i'm not a faker so i take what GOD has blessed you with,
my verses are a testament,
after i finish your career with verses i'll gladly inform your next of kin,
the best to pin a sixteen in the shortest time,
to resite that you better than barzz is the rawest crime,
punishable by the heater to your face,
pull the trigger and let them hollowtips put you in your place.

Heartache & Pain

Written By: Jerome Quick Pearson Jr.

1st Verse (Charley Barzz)
it was the year of ninety eight my heart skippin a beat,
my little german chocolate mami stayed right over the street,
Jennifer introduced us to each other, but i was feelin her,
se Sonja was a little thicker with her image bruh,
i always saw her riding out in the Z,
so picture me rolling, co pilot, passenger seat,
nah, i'm whipping the Ford, she whipping the Chevy Cavy,
she told my homie Jenny that she was fiening for me badly,
so gladly, i obliged with a little conversation,
and with a little time and patience i would provide her with greatness,
i was a rebel with a cause of perfection,
i was lost, but i found the truth in conception,
she would tell me that the baby wasn't mine,
and she was in love with another and fuckin with my mind, i was blind,
and as i commence to wipin my eyes,
i could see the lessons that was extracted from all the lies,
and my heart was saying, (damn) and my thoughts were saying.
for all the shit i had to endure that eternally corroded my brain
i gotta fight through all the heartache and pain
for all the relationships that i put my all into ended the same,
i gotta fight through all the heartache and pain
2nd Verse (Charley Barzz)
the next chapter in my life,
who'd a thought that after fuckin around i'd find me a wife,
lena was hawai'ian asian and her thoughts were the same,
a beautiful thing, with icey cold blood in her veins,
despite all the pain, that i've explained to her she drained,
my mind, body and my spirit, it's a blessing you hear this,
while i was sacrificing putting my life on a limb,
she was fucking with a jamaican, homie lover friend,
my past caught my present like i was running in place,
and the paper i was missing i should've put in a safe,
and even though i couldn't prove it i felt it inside of me,
so i returned and i showed her that other side of me,
the cold shoulder, no pity for the weaker person,
no emotional ties, eliminate the weaker version,
although i tried to make it work it didn't happen right,
now it's time to jump off of this cliff and take another flight,
(damn) now my thoughts are saying.
3rd Verse (Charley Barzz)
round three, now i head to Brazil,
i met her through a mutual friend and the feeling was real,
we couldn't conversate completely but renata was a GOD fearing incredible beauty,
and my thoughts, she completes me,
the true definition of lust,
BBD told me a big butt and a smiley face, you could never trust,
i'm over seas once again getting shot at feeling handicapped cause i'm not even able to fight back,
see when you think you found a love it's something like crack,
you get addicted to the high but what you might lack,
is your first line of defense, the instincts to know the difference,
from fiction and physical evidence,
it's critically relevant, to pay attention to the signs,
so now your boy is focused on the grind,
my hearts in a million peaces, but trust me where i'm headed i won't need it,
i'm lusting over the root of all evil.
(damn) now my thoughts are sayin...


Written By: Jerome Quick Pearson Jr.

1st Verse (Charley Barzz)
November fourteen, nineteen ninety nine i'm joining the Army,
on the frontlines thinking like no body could harm me,
wasn't thinking of the future to be, while i was training,
see i was brainwashed, had injections in my veins,
(the instincts) to shoot, move and communicate,
heart of an angel, thoughts of a demon or a ricochet will seal your fate,
i choose a life to be a soldier to provide for mine,
besides my family my battle and not them dollar signs,
Corporal Fraise man i miss you to death,
i know your wifey and your babygirls missing your breath,
and nine eleven brought us all in perspective,
but there's still a couple people in the states that can't get it together,
they living a life of freedom while we fight with our lives,
and disrespect us while their sons having sex with our wives,
i'm fed up, too far beyond my own height,
and it's gonna take a miracle to get this thing right so hold tight.
this is a twenty one gun salute to my fallen comrades,
at twenty one guns i shoot bombs at baghdad,
to all my soldiers that hold it down for me, salute!
to all my soldiers that spray them rounds for me, salute!
2nd Verse (Charley Barzz)
see the government contractors getting millions,
while soldiers are killing innocent women and children,
the tabloids and news stations want you to hear about all the mess,
story of a soldiers life, is never talk to the press,
never talk about the things you've experienced overseas,
if you're comprimised, die on your feet and not on your knees,
you say i'm kind of crazy, let me put you in your place boo,
you see a kid with a gun, you'd shoot him in the face too,
and if you hesitate the shoot then he'll erase you,
plus it's nothing for your baby mama to replace you,
standing over your coffin, teary eyed, snot nosed,
bag pipes screamin twenty one gun salute goes,
ready, aim, fire! seven soldiers, three iterations,
salute you for dying for our nation,
within my kids eyes lie the ties to my greatness,
middle fingers to haters just for trying our patience,
this is for all my soldiers that didn't make it back from afghan man you know what i mean.
and all my soldiers that didn't make it back over there in iraq you know what i mean.
all my soldiers from desert storm, all my soldiers from vietnam,
all my soldiers that's in the streets man...
now rock with us.

I Wish I Knew

Written By: Jerome Quick Pearson Jr.

1st Verse (Charley Barzz)
don't shed a tear yet, the old man's still kicking,
perform an x-ray the grand fathers still ticking,
still jotting sixteens that leave your face like,
suspended animation after staring at a brake light,
from zero to sixty in a fraction of miliseconds,
the music at the highest decibel to hear my blessing,
the instruments are talking to me when i'm in my session,
while hip hop was in a coma it taught you a lesson,
to never bite the hands that feed the hunger,
if emceeing wasn't born, i'd proceed to wonder,
what if i was never influenced to pick the pen and the pad,
to ink the illest sixteens and step in the lab,
and fantasize of traveling international distances,
to cater my legacy of music to listeners,
i reminisce upon the greatest till the time froze,
headphones bangin i fade to black and my eyes close, yes...
2nd Verse (Charley Barzz)
i'm sorry i'm late, traffic had me in a bind
seems that i've appeared to save music in the nick of time,
nas told us it was dead, but we kept it breathin,
the feeling you feel in your heart when you hear me speaking,
it makes you wanna throw your lighters in the air and wave,
keep em high and witness my presence gracing the stage,
protecting it by any means is the mission now,
you speak the truth and you'll break the superstition down,
i was influence by the greatest to write,
if you listen to how i spit you'll bear witness tonight,
i listen i write i perform it to perfection i'm nice,
i lost it to the gimmick rappers i ain't loosing it twice,
i'm playing both sides of the fence, i feed them what they need,
and they feed my pockets with benjies so i can feed my seeds,
but i'm a keep it gully and to the point with my fans,
i keep it lyrical with you cause in the end that's who i am, Barzz
3rd Verse (Charley Barzz)
open your eyes, your mind body and spirit,
and focus your instincts on concentrating and hear it,
the sound of excellence over a kick and a snare,
the patterns that i'm creating in my vision is rare,
i got the classic blue denims on, dirty rugged timbos,
the hoodie over my head, my back to where the wind blows,
the new york fitted, but in my case the SC,
looking at these rappers in the game like they fresh meat,
the illest production, the sickest emcees to spit,
the realest outshining with raw talent blinding,
without a deal i still managed to move,
it's for the love of hip hop, keep the crowd in the mood,
it's soothing, my sixteens become one with the beat,
i'm gutter, i'm coming through and show love to the streets,
keep the mixtapes buzzing, the EP's poppin,
my third eye focused and my microphone rockin let's go.


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