Charley Bowman

Charley Bowman


The music is Americana/Folk reflecting life in the midwest. The song that has always gotten audience reaction and participation is "The Burbs" a tongue in cheek look at living in the suburbs. Everyone can identify and laugh. My focus is on songwriting and am looking for writing collaborators.


This is my first venture in promoting my songwriting. All of the songs reflect actually events and people in my life. I hit the road in 1980, driving across the country to spend some time in Arizona. I bounced back to and around NE Ohio for many years and have lived throughout Ohio and traveled the backroads of this state, and have driven a couple of other times across the country. I love to drive; to see the change in the land; drive through small towns, eat in diners and get a flavor for the area and the people. I still travel the state with my work and the songs tend to come while driving; makes songwriting a little trying at times. I keep a notebook in the passenger seat and every now and then stop at parking lot to sketch the song out and work on the rest later.

My song "The Burbs" has always gotten the most audience reaction, participation and request. It's a tongue in cheek look at like in the suburbs and everyone can identify with - we all know someone who fits the bill and sometimes its us.

My musical/songwriting influences include Ray Wylie Hubbard, Tom Russell, Nanci Griffith, Alex Bevan, David Wilcox, Sam Bush, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, Marty Balin, John Gorka and Bruce Springsteen,.


Eagles In Flight

Written By: Charley Bowman/Gary Drexler

© Charley Bowman, Gary Drexler

I met him in a small café just off of route 80
Waiting for cheeseburgers and pie
He couldn’t have been much more than twenty-one
With that glassy far away look in his eyes
Said that he grew up in Allentown PA
Came out here for summer breaks
But this time he’s here to stay

She said she came out here to clear here head
Back east she’d tried the corporate way
Just could not take that kind of life
She’s waiting tables for minimum pay
She’ll stay till September then figure where to go
Work two or three jobs
Just to get her through the snow

You can smell the pine trees in the rain
Hear the wolves sing to the night
Out here in the mountains, the lodge-pole pines
The aspens in the autumn are ablaze in golden fire
Look over the meadows and see eagles in flight



I look across this desk and down the hall
I hear the call of the wild
One of these days I’ll say to hell with it all
Be born once again like a child
Maybe it’s dream or some old DNA
The beauty of the mountains seem to beckon me each day


Fifteen Years Down The Road

Written By: Charley Bowman, Reid Hamilton

©2003 (Words: Charley Bowman, Reid Hamilton)

I’m a son of Northeast Ohio
From the Cuyahoga to the River Chagrin
Past the damn subdivisions
Where the old rose farms had been

I’ve traveled around this country
Every road led to you…
Walking cross Euclid (2beat pause) Avenue

I took off to see the southwest
Feed my soul’s great unrest
Stayed drunk in the Phoenix desert
With saguaro’s shadows all around

15 years down the road
To the Little Miami and back again
Looking for roots to settle down
Where the Cuyahoga runs ‘round the bend

Fall With The Leaves

Written By: Charley Bowman

Fall With The Leaves
© Charley Bowman, June 2006

I want to live to be an old man
In a weathered and gray wood home
Like the ones on a tar and gravel lane
With the fence line of locusts overgrown

I want to take my final rest
On a crisp autumn day
Take a faded breath as the leaves fall
And the flower blooms fade away

I want to fall with the leaves
I want to fall with the leaves
And rise to be by my Savior’s side
I want to fall with the leaves

I want to take hold your soft hands
Look into your sweet sweet brown eyes
And know that we don’t have no regrets
And leaving behind no yets

Repeat first verse and chorus

Riding Away

Written By: Charley Bowman

Riding Away
© Charley Bowman, November 2008

She took a twenty six year wedding vow
little by little he sanded off her smile
Cook and clean; two boys all up and how
she just dreams….of riding away
Riding away, riding away, riding away,
[REST] from him

Its sunrise and the morning sky is clear
To the south horizon and she’s on her way
She rides for love in all of her gear
She rides away … rides away
Rides away…….(rest) from him

She’d take on any wind and rain
She found herself on those twisting backroads
She found herself pedaling the chain
Cycling to a new life
She found herself …..(rest) she found herself on two wheels (repeat)

Changing gears at the speed of touch
Hands never leave the curves, back parallel
To the road aero plane to the wind
Knifing through the air
Holding it like jumping a raging mare
Holding it like jumping a raging mare

She bicycled to raise money to beat cancer
She bicycled to beat family heart disease
She bicycled like a brown hair thunderer
She cycled to drive… cycled to drive
Drive him….. (rest) away
I caught her climbing a four degree hill
Sailed next to her on that decline asphalt
Raced her on the straight-away lane mill
She cycled to drive… (rest) to drive him
To drive him and then me away

Wesley's Garage

Written By: Charley Bowman

Wesley’s Garage
© September-November 2007, Charley Bowman

The town squeezes between the Appalachian foothills
and the Ohio River
We used to cruise on over to Wesley’s Garage
Shooting midnight brews on the Groza highway guardrail
And watch that river run by every Friday night without fail

Billy swore his love to Kim a few years back on the overpass
After senior prom
now she’s speeding out of town Florida bound
in her high school graduation chevy pick up truck
her yellow lab riding shotgun looking for new luck

Seems like everyone in this town drives the speed limit
we used to drive other people’s cars on the backroads
we turned back the odometer at Wesley’s Garage
we turned back time at Wesley’s Garage

Billy forgot about Kim and him and Terry took a job over at the forge
Keith took off to Slippery Rock State and I
Went off to Bowling Green and never looked back
And Ol’ Wes kept turning his wrench

It’s been a few years since I’ve been gone and drove down to Wesley’s Garage
To see the boys, drink a few beers and tell a few more lies
When I got there I found the roof caved in on a pile
Over at the Dairy Queen they said
That ol’ Wes had a heart attack, sold the shop and moved
Somewhere; he just up and moved

Billy joined the National Guard and now he’s over serving in Iraq
Terry tried rehab and bought it on U.S. 7
And now Wesley’s up and he’s moved away too
And I’m trying to hold back time at Wesley’s garage


Roadside Exit: "That Old Litchfield Road" The album has mainly been played on WAPS in Akron.