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There's just something about that sound... you know the sound you hear blasting out the doors, blowing out the windows and seeping from the cracks of that old Full Gospel Pentecostal Church Downtown. You know the ones, every city's got 'em, those foot-stomping, hand-clapping, holy-spirit filled, upper-room kinda churches where brothas and sistas gather to break the shackles of the world. Where young, urban professionals, sit, stand, stomp, holla & shout right next to Big Momma and uncle Ray Ray. Where the poor are made rich, the fallen are lifted up and the broken are mended.
From those little cathedrals flowed a Mighty River of Sound that was starting to change. Ya see; first Ray made it sound like a sin, then Donnie lifted it back up again, soon Stevie was seeing the vision within and by then the whole world was joing in.
But quietly, way in the back there sat a little boy whose story did not match. While the LORD showed up every day, to wash the souls of Africans, there was no way to purify what the boy held within. The shame remained, over their profits from pain. The games all played still won to this day now drove him insane and that's why he came.
But he stayed... because of that sound...
OOOHHH that sound.
Pouring straight down from the Lord's hand, flowing free like a river through the house band, that quiet little boy was soon able to stand
THE SOUL of charleyBRAND


regret & grace LP-the soulCOOPERATIVE
KRFC Live @ Lunch LP-the soulCOOPERATIVE
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Set List

Set 1 (One hour)
charley's church
go your own way
farther than this road
donovan's groove
Set 2 (45 min.)
might be the devil
would you love me
we ain't gonna die tonight
cover (prince, stevie)
Set 3 (30 min.)
that one in C
6/8 blues dark