Charley Chann

Charley Chann


Vintage Rock With A New Age Kick!


Charley Chann is an original rock band from the St. Louis area. The band has gained a large entourage of loyal fans and has a reputation for setting a good mood on stage. The music itself is best described as hard hitting blues riffs with catchy lyrics and soulful guitar solos reminiscent of a time when rock n roll was raw and highly excited. Charley Chann has expanded their boundaries and moved to Nashville TN. They are currently playing all over the Midwest.


Charley Chann cut there first Demo with three songs in June, 2006. Shortly after, they recorded their first full length Cd, "Blind Addiction," in May 2007. They have been featured on several college radio stations including: KDHS, Lewis & Clark, 105.7 The Point

Set List

A typically Charley Chann set list includes up to 15 original songs with various covers from the greatest rock bands of the 70's and 80's, including The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, and AC/DC.