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Charley Orlando


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Charley Orlando has been writing songs for over 25 years and touring North America for 17. In 2007 Charley released 3 Albums; (2 Solo projects and One with his band project Ruha), two of which "Charley Orlando" & "The Dust That Lands", have been added to the 50th Annual GRAMMY entry ballot in 6 categories. In 2005 Charley's debut solo release "Beauty & Pain" was added to the 48th Annual GRAMMY entry ballot in 4 categories. In his career Charley has released 11 albums, played nearly 3,000 shows in 45 states in the USA, Mexico and Canada, and has shared the stage with the likes of Peter Rowan (Old And In The Way), Jorma Kaukonen (Hot Tuna and Jefferson Airplane), David Lindley (Jackson Browne), John Dawson and David Nelson (New Riders Of The Purple Sage), Martin Fierro (Legion Of Mary and the Grateful Dead), Dave Mason & Jim Capaldi (Traffic), moe., Chuck Prophet, Leftover Salmon, Tony Trischka, Michael Glabicki (Rusted Root), Spin Doctor's, Kid Rock and even 70's and 80's rockers Meatloaf and Quiet Riot; not to mention such prominent music festivals as the classic High Sierra in California to the up and coming 10,000 Lakes in Minnesota. Weather Charley is playing Solo, with Ruha with side project The Assassins Of Hip or with his new line up Charley Orlando Band his shows are always honest & emotional, professional and memorable.



Written By: Charley Orlando

We live in a day and age where
Everything’s not so simple
Political monkeying, lies,
Deception and treason
A fevered pitch of insolence
Not one person believing
That he or she or them or it
Can do a thing about it

You want to change the world?
Here’s what you ought to try
Radiate love from the heart
And unity will provide … If you try

So in the interest of all that matters
Are you really listening?
To your conscience and free will thoughts
We have them for a reason
Embattled over who we are
Separate by religion
When we are really everything
We are all human

Give love a chance
Release it deep from your heart
Give peace a chance
It may be our last shot
You want to change the world?
Here’s what you ought to try
Radiate love from the heart
And unity will provide … If you try


Written By: Charley Orlando


I have hope
I have belief
And I carry love
On my sleeve

Trust in me
Trust in you
Walk with the light
Search out your truth

Always remember
Always remain
The flower of life
With the free will to change

We are The ones
To illuminate this world

Always remember
Always remain
The beacon of light
With the free will to change


Written By: Charley Orlando

As in now and in all before
The struggle to capture or even cure
That which eludes us and is a blinded blur

Of lines that separate and slightly dictate

The laws of man with human torture
Blessed by a divine destructive departure
Emanates no light or worldly culture

As it tosses aside our will to reside

In the catacombs of humanity
Dark in its depths of styphling profanity
Finds us mumbling words of insanity

Only to take flight as the first sign of insight

Our bodies destroyed by pot shots and sarcasm
Torn limb from limb we climb out of the deep cassim
Crawling at great neck speed we fall short

In a verbal spasm
At this very moment you are a proponent
Of a grand design
A memory rewind
A vague recall
A dissident win fall

As we began is how we will end
And to our surprise … start all over again
For as in now and in all before

Our existence is a circle
Till we break the cycle of war


Written By: Charley Orlando

Earth Walker
We all bleed the blood of humanity
And yet we separate to the point of insanity
Truly distant from one another
Trust only family as sister or brother

We belong to a race of equals
Within us all a trace of sequels
The Vibration maybe high, the vibration maybe low
The level of ignorance deep or shallow, deep or shallow

Raise up your head
Now look me straight in the eye
Earth walker now is not the time for sleeping
I as you were born to live, love and rise (2)
Up from our bodies and be (3)
Simply be

Regardless of the color of your skin
And the countless times you’ve been told you were different
In order for the world to spin
We all had to be here for it to begin


Can't Shake The Cold

Written By: Charley Orlando

Can’t Shake The Cold

Restless, restless feeling
Been pushin’ me around
Got my hands ripped & bound
But if I leave
Then it wont be long
Before the silence
Tares at my heart
I am not that strong

Hold you, hold you dear
It’s all I ever want to do
Our bodies split one in two
And it only
Goes to show
That what hurts you
Bruises my soul
It cuts deep & slow

And it seems so long and dreary
And the time moves so slow
I know here is not where you want to be
It’s been getting’ old
Numb to the core
Can’t shake the cold

Lady, lovely lady
This is only temporary
I know the present looks so scary
Hangin’ on
To each other
It’s what we got
And what we have is beautiful
For each other we cover

'Tis True

Written By: Charley Orlando

‘Tis True

Lil’ ole lady, Lil ole lady
you’ve got me crazy
‘tis true

my sweet baby, my sweet baby
i’m all tied up
‘tis true

Can’t say maybe, can’t say maybe
got to feel it
‘tis true

my bones be shakin’
my knees be quakin’
just no mistaken
you ain’t fakin’
‘tis true

give you diamonds
hive you pearls
give you wig hats darlin’
unfurled and curled
you decline
just want to be mine, mine, mine
still you decline
just want to be mine

‘tis true
‘tis true
‘tis true

words and music by charley orlando copyright 2004 • cmo music BMI

Live Again

Written By: Charley Orlando

Live Again
You want the memory
To hold you forever
nothing temporary
ah but Some ties
You just don’t severe
Baby, he’s your baby

That beautiful boy
So much he’ll never know
Source of all your joy
You just can’t
Let him go
Baby, he’s your baby

So easy to exist
In the drama of sorrow
Your emotions twist
Till you have no
Breath to borrow
Baby, he’s your baby

There is so much pain
There is so much sadness
You are out of your mind
Taken over by madness
The trick is
To find the will
To live again
You must live again


1993 - Ep
1994 - Hope
1995 - 420
1996 - Alive & Well at the Gates of Eden
1998 - True
1999- Live vol.1
2000- Live vol.2
2002 - Color Me Naked
2004- Beauty & Pain
2007- The Dust That Lands
2007- Live @ The Red House
2007 - Charley Orlando
2009 - Free World Citizen

Set List

I have written close to 300 songs which I rotate as I feel. I do some covers but generally not on a regular basis.