Charley Preston

Charley Preston


Sexy, heartfelt, slightly southern ROCK with just the right amount of OOMPH! Good for the guys, better for the girls, but always the life of the party. If it's drinking and dancing you're going for, Charley Preston is an EXCELLENT choice!


"Trapped in a wind of fury and all mindsets stemming from the same. Life in love and death be still." Writer Chad Rinehart, the vision behind what is now "Charley Preston," currently lives in downtown Nashville. Whimsically placed about great upcoming artists and vital moral thinkers, Chad brings his own vision of power and revolution to the world. To truly experience the force and charisma of his music you must see him live. To know the poet and his melody you must listen to his song. In June of 2006, Chad signed to New Colony Records. To listen to and purchase his album go to,, or easily find it on itunes and various other internet hosts.


American Prank (2007)

Set List

Currently, about an hour of original material and an infinite lot of covers.