St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Charlie lives off of being different, and being an outcast if new is what the world wants then Charlie is that.


Charlie has been singing since she could talk. Music came very naturally, she took violin lessons at a the age of 7, continuing to learn more instruments through out the years, she now plays seven instruments (violin,chilo, bass, bass guitar,guitar,piano, and drums). She is very passionate about her music and the way she writes, mostly compared to India Arie, Janelle Monae, Corrine Bailey Rae, Lauryn Hill and more. "I never get offended when i'm compared to these artist because I look up to all of them in different ways" Charlie stated. She does Positive Alternative, Pop, Acoustic, R&B, and Soul. She's just a teenager who is enjoying life, taking everyday one step at a time. Music was always her comfort zone. As a child going through stressful times music never failed her, it was always there. "Writing helps me to express how I feel about the world, relationships, pain, happiness, life, etc". I strive on changing peoples lives, I make music that other people no matter the age can relate to". Being a Dancer, Singer/Songwriter, and Musician Charlie is a triple threat to the upcoming music industry. She recently teamed up with artist development company "Talented Visions" and now doing so much more on here road to success. Writing singles like "When I'm With You" and her new unreleased song "Alone" will most definatly send her straight to stardom. "I'm always keeping God first, I don't know where I would be without him". She lives off of being different, and being an outcast if new is what the world wants then stay tuned because she's ready and the world needs to be too".


Missouri Music Fest Sept. 2011
St. Louis Pride Fest 2012

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