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Charlie Allen is a passionate, dynamic and well produced Country vocal talent with warmth and genuineness in his songs and lyrics. "His songs and lyrics are passionate and genuine country." -- John Boy of the John Boy and Billy Show

"The singer is country all the way. The longer this is played, the more I love it." -- Robert K. Oermann, Music Row Magazine

If you don't like Charlie Allen , then you don't like country music." -- Wolf Bowers Thunder Country Radio, WTRS 102.3 FM, Ocala, FL


Charlie Allen

Bristol, Tennessee, is a town best known today for its motor speedway. But, historically, its real claim to fame is as the birthplace of modern country music for it was there that Ralph Peer first recorded The Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers - creating what is today known as "the big-bang" of country music.

Charlie Allen was born in Bristol, Tennessee, into a family steeped in country music. Allen's mother, Louise Bouton, was a regular on WCYB radio's "Fun and Farm Time," and she is a member of the Bristol Hall of Fame. His father, Charles D. Bouton, was an artist manager.

Singing and performing was the family business, and Allen and his brothers, William and Robert, learned from the best. Just as some mothers give their children toys, Allen's mom gave him a broom and taught him to pretend that it was a microphone. Eventually, he learned to play the guitar, piano, steel guitar and drums. When most of his friends were getting on a school bus, Allen was getting on a tour bus.

Allen's uncle, Jim Harless, was also in the music business in Ft. Worth, Texas. It was there at age seven with his family that Allen began honing his skills as a singer and performer at the legendary Panther Hall. The stage was his classroom, and his teachers were the pillars of country music: Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams, Jr., Waylon Jennings, and Jerry Lee Lewis. These are just a few of the touring performers that Allen fronted for and worked with. During this time Allen signed his first recording contract with Decca Records.

By age fifteen, Allen was fronting his own group, The Bouton Brothers. They appeared on various television shows in Bristol and Kingsport, opening for the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Charley Pride and others. He also hosted his own television show sponsored by Martha White.

Later on Allen was signed to Parc Records, an independent label and publishing company with offices in Orlando, Florida, and Nashville. Parc and their affiliate Parc Studios boasted a stellar list of clients such as The Backstreet Boys, 'N Snyc, Britney Spears, and Mariah Carey among others.

Commuting between Nashville and Orlando, Allen wrote and recorded many songs including "Better Said Than Done" co-written with Earl Thomas Conley. That song garnered Allen his first critical acclaim from Music Row's toughest critic Robert K. Oermann who has been an ardent supporter ever since. He also made fans of the nationally syndicated radio show hosts John Boy and Billy who said, "We believe that Charlie is destined for stardom. He has a heart as big as Tennessee and a voice to match it."

Presently, Allen is signed to indy label River Run Records and has recently completed the album "That Was Then, This Is Now." His current single "See If I Care" is currently climbing the charts.

In a recent interview, Allen summed his career up: "When you write a song, especially when you have a 'hook' that speaks to people's hearts, well, that's the thing that keeps you going."

It is this real and genuine down-to-earth attitude coupled with a phenomenal talent that will keep Charlie Allen's voice on the radio for a long time to come.

The year 2009 was a banner year for Charlie Allen. The Manchester, Tennessee, native has seen his music gain acceptance around the world, and his media visibility has never been higher. In January 2009, he made a promotional appearance at MIDEM in Cannes, France, and performed an invitation-only showcase event at the Gibson Guitar Studio in London, England. He also celebrated his second #1 single in Europe. Mid-year he was a featured guest on a special Memorial Day edition of the FOX News show "Geraldo at Large" and prepared for his second appearance at the mega-festival "Bonnaroo"in June.

Allen's new single "Proof" is from his CD "That Was Then, This Is Now" about which Music Row scribe Robert K. Oermann recently stated, "I have made no secret of my respect for this artist. He's proudly country and this groove-saturated drinking song is one more feather in his cap."


That was then, This is Now

Written By: Charlie Allen Bouton/Tim Remmert/Thomas R. Smith;

That was then, This is Now

Once again she lays her body down to go to sleep
Nobody around just the sound of her memories
Waiting for the Sandman to take her off to dream
Somewhere in la la land where she can find some peace
She wakes up to a song playing on the radio
Playing “The Price of Pain” by David Allan Coe
As a tear rolls down her cheek like a salty drop of rain
Praying for the answer someday you will change

That was then, This is now
She wants to love again but she don’t know how
She lives in the past where her hopes and dreams will always last
She don’t want to be in her reality no way no how
That was then, This is now

Where anger leaves she knocks the radio off her night stand
Cusses cause her life hasn’t gone the way she planned
Yes she finally faced that moment she first failed her wedding band
And the vows they made that day in the Tijuana stand

That was then, This is now
She wants to love again but she don’t know how
She lives in the past where her hopes and dreams will always last
She don’t want to be in her reality no way no how

Aww She won’t need that cowboy boot for a doorstop anymore
or that old green pickup truck with all the big dents in the door

That was then, This is now
She wants to love again and she’s learning how
Letting go of the past all the hopes and dreams are coming back
She’s finally feeling strong
She’s gonna carry on from here on out
That was then, This is now

Aww That was then, this is now

Well that was then, This is now
Well that was then, Lord this is now

Aww She’s finally learning how


Charlie Allen - Self titled CD
That Was Then, This Is Now- CD

"That Was Then, This Is Now"
"I Did This To Me"
"Can't Take Him Out Of Me"
"See If I Care"
"Grandpa's Recipe"
"American Farmer"

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