Charlie & Ophelia

Charlie & Ophelia


We are merely two people who wanted to make original honest music and we did just that. We've got a guitar and we strum it to parallel with the sound of our voices. We don't think hard about writing music, we just write and indie folk acoustic music is born through our mouths and sound hole.


The raw acoustics and unpolished vocals of singer-songwriter Javier Delgado and the sweet sharp sound of Jordan Halleen's voice and polished piano keys might tempt the listener to conclude that it’s your traditional “gather-round and listen to my story” folk music, but their unique and creative sound may surprise you. Use of instruments like the piano, tambourine, and glockenspiel will surely leave the audience a bit confused, and hopefully inspired.
Presenting honest and sincere lyrical concepts in the midst of eclectic indie acoustic folk, Charlie & Ophelia have an innocent and genuine stage presence that allows them to cover intimate subject matter with immature-yet-mature sensibility. An “uncomfortable honesty and imaginative optimism” are revealed through their art.

They are a sound that will travel inside you and unravel your heart. Take a few moments to listen...


Untitled "Charlie & Ophelia

Set List

Port & Starboard (2:14)
Basement (2:48)
Castle of Sand (4:34)
These Are Flowers (4:48)
(No Parenthesis) (1:20)
No Name (5:02)
In the Used to Be (3:01)