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Charlie Belle

Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF | AFTRA

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Alternative Pop




"Musicians You'll Tell Your Friends About in 2015"

"Unlike many precocious kids, these three avoid talent-show overemoting; they're influenced by wry indie popsters like The Magnetic Fields and Bonds is more interested in wordplay than showing off." - NPR Music

"New Band of the Week (No. 39): Charlie Belle"

"Texas mid-teens make melodic indie-pop feel like a viable option for the first time in eons."

"We can hear Morrissey's wan yodel in Bonds' voice, or Harriet Wheeler of the Sundays' pure, clear tone, and their jaunty melancholy jangles owe more to 80s indie-pop than anything American..."

"Their EP is a ver fine introduction to a ban who, it goes without saying, have promise to spare." - The Guardian

"Charlie Belle Is The Coolest (+ Youngest) Band You Need To Know"

"The singer and guitar player's clear, honey-sweet voice gives her the presence of a much older chanteuse, and her songwriting skills reflect that of an industry expert."

"Their music gives off a definitive youthful vibe, but their mastery of their instruments and original, catchy songwriting skills show that Charlie Belle's maturity is most definitely not defined by their age." - Nylon

"Everybody Is Getting To Know Charlie Belle"

"Her sweet voice and insightful songwriting infuses Charlie Belle with youthful energy, but without taking away from their already impressive musicianship, which has the potential to hold its own among the likes of Jenny Lewis and other highly addictive, indie-pop artists."

"Teen indie pop trio Charlie Belle is going places far beyond Austin city limits." - MTV Iggy

"Alt Rock Teenagers Charlie Belle's Debut EP"

"With a voice and confidence of someone twice her age, teenage Jendayi Bonds leads her younger brother, Gyasi Bonds and friend Zoe Czarnecki in the sublime Charlie Belle."

"On their debut EP, Get To Know, the trio shows a depth and sense of style and self, rare for any age."

"This is definitely a band you want to know." - AfroPunk

"Charlie Belle: New Music Snapshot"

"It's uplifting, enjoyable and you'll find yourself tapping your toes throughout. It's a superb offering from a young band who have a phenomenal understand of how to construct a highly addictive song." - Subba Cultcha

"Introducing: Charlie Belle"

"The success of the band is partly due to child prodigy Jendayi, who picked up the guitar at the age of seven and accordingly formed her first band at the age of ten. Sickeningly premature talent aside, now at 16 years of age, Jendayi has truly found her feet, carving out a distinct and trademark vocal to suit her popsicle-struck indie chords." - Drunken Werewolf

"Charlie Belle: A Fresh Take On The Future Of Austin Pop"

"The EP is a solid platter, five well-crafted songs with a breezy sound that belies complex lyricism and hints of melancholy." - Austin 360

"Trust Us, These 10 Bands at SXSW Are About To Blow Up"

Recommended If You Like: R.E.M., The Magnetic Fields, spring (the season)
Four years ago, Austin teenage siblings Jendayi and Gyasi Bonds recorded a bedroom cover of The Magnetic Fields’ “Strange Powers” that spread like wildfire across the Internet, and now they’re on the verge of their first EP as Charlie Belle. They shuffled bassists just before SXSW, but show no signs of slowing down—they’re playing Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls Party. Still young but by no means inexperienced, they’re armed with the most infectious kind of power-pop. - Wired


Get To Know, ©2014 Fanatic Records

  1. Get To Know
  2. Shake You Off
  3. Metaphorically Speaking
  4. Key To My Heart 
  5. Under The Rug

I Don't Want To Be Alone,  ©2015 Fanatic Records

  1. I Don't Want To Be Alone
  2. Petting Zoo
  3. Speak Your Mind
  4. You Don't Know Me
  5. Find You

Like I Love This, ©2017 Charlie Belle Music

  1. Growing Pains
  2. Essay
  3. Like I Love This
  4. Few Minutes Off
  5. They Will Try



Charlie Belle hit the stage in 2008 at SXSW and have been professional musicians ever since. (If you're doing the math, they were 11 yo and 8 yo, but they were in Austin TX, so it was cool.) And after playing numerous shows, venues, and festivals, they were signed by boutique NYC label Fantastic Records in 2015.

The band’s first EP, "Get To Know" was released in 2015 which Nylon, The Guardian, Wired, Drunken Werewolf, and others loved. They followed that up with the EP, "I Don't Want To Be Alone" which NPR Music, Billboard, AfroPunk, and others loved as well.

Then they left their label, played shows, toured, wrote songs and eventually in 2018 released their 3rd EP, "Like I Love This" which Matt Noveskey of Blue October produced. Those songs call to mind Irish alternative-pop band The Cranberries, songstresses Natalie Imbruglia, and Kate Nash, and focus on stories of change, maturity, loss, and moving on. Atwood Magazine describes the debut single, “Jendayi Bonds’ astoundingly expressive vocals which capture a plethora of confusing, conflicting emotions…..remains the focal point and anchor of this track. Her singing guides listeners through a textured, multi-layered mix of different instruments which completely encapsulate the uncertainty and excitement of youth.”

**Hiatus** Since 2018 Charlie Belle has been writing and producing songs in their adopted new cities, Nashville and Chicago. "Leaving Austin and going off to college was always the plan and being able to live in Nashville for these last four years while studying songwriting has just fortified what I've always done in Charlie Belle," says Jendayi. "And, having Gyasi in Chicago now in a Music Business program really grounds us in another amazing city and we're excited to be able to create relationships there as well."

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