Charlie Cobb

Charlie Cobb

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Hi! I'm Charlie. THANK YOU FOR VIEWING MY PRESS KIT. I'm a songwriter of New Grass, Country, Gospel and Modern Contemporary Music. Plus music for Film Radio and Television.


How do you know where you're going if you don't know where you've been? My first instrument was a minow bucket. My dad and I went fishing alot when I was little and while he was fishing, I would play drums on the minow bucket. Don't remember catching many fish.
I grew up along the beautiful Gulf Coast where at the age of 19 relocated to Ohio where I began a career in portrait photography. While my career expanded so did my work territory and this is when I met a resident of Metcalfe County, Kentucky who invited me for Thanksgiving in the late 80's. In 1990 I made the decision to explore another interest, music. So, after 18 years in the photographic field, traveling throughout the central and eastern U.S; I settled down in Metcalfe County, a place I'm proud to call home. Good friends, friendly people, beautiful surroundings and music everywhere.
In 1992 I began working as a studio musician, with credits for keyboard and guitar on well over 100 recordings. Some of which include: "Lonzo and Oscar" of the Grand Ole Opry, Ann Hagan Ministries, radio broadcaster/writer Stan McKenny, The Stewart Family, Doc Jones, and The Campbell Girls. My own library of original material consist of several hundred songs, including instrumental compositions. Wrote "Have You Ever" recorded by country artist Anthony Dean.
I was one of the back-up musician's for Lonzo and Oscar (of the Grand Ole Opry) and other artist at the T.M.A. Awards. Composed music for "Gods Rainbow" lyrics by songwriter Stan McKenny. Sound Engineer on projects by: The Stewart Family, Gospel Crusaders, vocalist Carrie Erwin and others. Personal Sound Library includes instrumental compositions for use in Film Radio and Television. The tools of my trade are guitar, piano, bass, harmonica, synth and vocals.


My first cd release "Sparkle" is a mix of Contemporary Songs and Orchestrated Instrumental Music. The songs reflect Love Trust and Acceptance while the instrumental music gives way to the imagination. The Sparkle cd has radio exposure in Belgium, England, Spain and the United States. CD is available from cdbaby and 29 digital download stores world wide. I have a new cd coming out this summer that has a musical style much different than my first release. This cd has the flavors of new grass and folk rock music with a touch of piano.

Set List

In concert I perform all styles of my original material. When playing at festivals, events and other venues, my set list are matched with the venues genre of music ; country, rock, contemporary, etc. If the venue style leans toward country, bluegrass, etc...the songs in my set list will be matched to that venue. I perform mostly original material with a few popular songs from the 60's, 70's and the present. Which songs and in what order they are performed are based on mood of the listener. Working the crowd as some say! A typical performance is an hour but can be lengthened if need be.