Charlie Cobb

Charlie Cobb


Influenced by the guitar strums of James Taylor the country vibe of John Denver and the imagination of Pink Floyd.


Charlie was born in Mobile, Al. His family and friends know him as Jimmy, but in the world of music he goes by his middle name Charlie. In 1973 Charlie left Mobile to pursue a career in photography with Olan Mills Studios traveling town to town state to state making portraits for families. Some locations he photographed in had a piano on site. Places like the VFW, American Legion and some Holiday Inn's were popular for this. (Charlie fell in love with the piano when his parents brought a Story & Clark home when he was a kid.) He would get to location early and leave late if he had the opportunity to sit down and pick on the piano and after 18 years Charlie developed his own style of music. Charlie made the decision to leave his career and pursue his interest in music with fair success. He has written over 100 songs and more than 100 instrumental compositions. During the 90's, he spent three years working in a recording studio as a studio musician and recording engineer working with local and national recording artist and learning alot or should I say "taking it all in".


The Sparkle album is a collection of original songs plus instrumental scores. The Sparkle album is available from more than 50 digital download stores worldwide.

Set List

Which songs and in what order they are performed are based on the listener's mood, the atmosphere, etc. Covers are top songs from the 60's.