Charlie Don't Surf

Charlie Don't Surf


A sonic assault of the senses. An orgy of genres having sex and making babies that will in turn become new genres.


With a strong distatste for the walls and barriers created by musical genre profiling, viewed as barriers imposed to limit creativity, Charlie Don’t Surf takes a stand. Armed with a barrage of guitars, synthesizers, and a taste for the bizarre they are uniting an army of shoe-gazers. Their musical style is a mixture of post-rock and progressive that can range from soft and ambient to hard and intense. Frank Reber (bassist) has described their music as “soundtracks for apocalypses.” The music is filled with doomsday vibes that lay the foundation for upbeat climaxes. An emotional roller coaster of sound.

Live performances are the showcase of Charlie Don’t Surf. Every show is unique and different in its own way. At times the band plays a minimal setup (just equipment). Other times, they display a varying combination of bubble machines, confetti cannons, fog machines, video projectors, strobe lights, and stage dancers. Show-goers never know what to expect and that’s what keeps everyone coming back.

Charlie Don't Surf is currently working on a new album they plan on releasing in the fall of 2006. The working title is "This is NOT surfing music." It will be their sophomore release following "Kvalitetsstoey" (2005).


All of our old releases can be downloaded from our website (

LP - kvalitetsstøy [2005]
01. Espionage
02. New Skol
03. Delay Madness
04. Interlude
05. Tremellow
06. Electric Infection
07. The Dirty Girl Scout
08. Dreary/Noise/Light

Singles: New Skol, Tremellow, and Dirty Girl Scout

Set List

Our setlists are in a constant state of change. We play whatever we feel like playing that night. Whether it's new or old material. Our sets can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.