Charlie Fabert

Charlie Fabert


- "Something new to the Blues" (Blues Matters, UK)
- "Total magic !" (Guitar World, UK)
- "The next big thing in Blues" (Fr3, French TV)
- "The raising talent of the blues in France" (Route 66)
- "Extremely hard hitting" (Classic21, Belgium)
- "Just amazing !" (Juke Joint, Germany)


Charlie Fabert is considered as one of the most gifted guitarists of his generation. He's played at a number of prestigious venues in Europe (France, England, Germany, Hungary, Russia...) including the Sziget Festival in Budapest (the biggest festival in Europe). His performances in France include some of the best known blues festivals on the scene (Cahors, Avignon...). Also, Charlie has been working with big names in music such as Joe Gooch (from the band "Ten Years After"), Aziz Sahmaoui (who won a Grammy Awards at the beginning of 2010 for his work as vocalist with the "Zawinul Syndicate") or Roger Cotton (BB King, Peter Green, John Mayall...) just to quote a few.

About to be released is his new album, a live recording. This highly awaited cd, titled "Live at l'Orange Bleue" is due out later this year. Appearances include guest musicians of extraordinary quality such as British singer Paul Cox, French guitarist Fred Chapellier and Americain trumpet player Boney Fields (Luther Allison, Jimmy Johnson, Lucky Peterson...), big names in blues.

It's rare at only 22, one can achieve such high class merits including television, news paper, magazines, radio and master class appearances.

"The new prodigy" (to quote blues media) will continue to tour over Europe with his band, so don't miss the opportunity to see Charlie Fabert live, "The Next Big Thing In Blues" (Fr3 Channel, French Television).


Something Special

Written By: Charlie Jeanningros (aka Charlie Fabert)

I wish I could write something special
If I write something about you
But all the words seem powerless
Never enough lovely and true
When you just hold my hand
It means more to me than any fortune and fame
And if I wrote this song one night
It's just for try to make you feel the same

And if I can't, baby, if I can't
Please, please, please forgive me
Because I would freeze the sun, dry the rain,
Change this world or go in hell
Just to make you happy

And if someday we take seperate ways
I will keep on, Lord knows I will still keep on loving you

Since I met you, baby
My rainy days became sunny and full of hapiness
I thought I'd never, never, never fall in love again
But now my life sounds like a fairy tale

But If you don't love me just the same
Please, please, please forget me
If my love story for you seems to be a million pages
It's just because, before you, I was nobody

And if someday you want to leave me, baby
I will keep on, Lord knows I will still keep on loving you

I will always remember the first time I saw you, darling
You just took my breath away
Everything's the same, I know, but all became so different
The day I found an angel on my way

I know you don't love me this way
And it hurts me, it slashs me more than a knife
Because everywhere I look
I see you face, I see your lips, I see your eyes,
I see this incredible smile which changed my life

I understand that you have to leave me
I understand that you have to walk your way, now
But I will still keep on, I will still keep on, still keep on...
I will still keep on loving you

I can stand the weather
I don't care about the time which goes passing by
I never meant to love you the way you need to be loved

I will still keep on loving you (x8)
I don't care, baby... I will still keep on loving you


- "Live at l'Orange Bleue" (To be released soon)