Charlie Gardner

Charlie Gardner


I have 15 years songwriting and playing experience. I have at least 100 individualy composed songs and another 100+ collaborations. I have previously sold songs to three high profile Hollywood movies. My strength is in rock & accoustic.


I started working for legendary London record label Mute, home of Depeche Mode, Nick Cave and others in 1988. After 2 years there I had started songwriting and put my first band together. In 1992 I moved to Hollywood , California and continued writing and playing on bills with Alanis Morisette, Weezer and many others. Then I found work with Trent Reznor as he completed his album The Downward Spiral. All the time learning my craft. Eventually, I had to return to the UK with my band and continued. With my connections made in Hollywood I wrote and sold songs to various productions. I continue to collaborate with other songwriters and am seeking publishing.


Scorched Earth

Written By: Charlie Gardner

Dont know what to do , keep running up against you and I feel like fool.
Dont know what to say, so I say things anyway and they go against the grain.
How can we carry on with our filthy song when we know its wrong and how can we make believe our actions make us free and deny our destiny , a scorched Earth policy!
I am a lover, I am a father, I am a maker, creator yeah , I am want to feel you, I want to heal you I want to know you not control you.
So why do i feel somethings not quite right tonight?
So why do I feel somethings not quite right inside ?
Why do i feel somethings not quite right with your pride?
Cant say what Ive seen , coz ive seen so many things all begging for belief.
So i question everyday, what makes us act this way and will we ever change?

You Lift Me

Written By: Charlie Gardner

Somewhere deep inside your heart, theres a little bit of you that knows, you've been right right from the start.
The moment you looked into my eyes, the feeling that I felt right there , has been burned into my life,
'cos , you lift me up , no matter how hard I fall, you pick me up , no matter how far I fall, you lift me up and girl, i hope you never stop.
Its when the darkness closes in, when we stumble and we fall to Earth and hope gets lost to the wind.
This is your way , this your place , this is the state of your grace and if there's only one, for anyone , your the one I need, yeah,
'cos, you lift me up, no matter how hard I fall, you, pick me up , no matter how far I fall. You lift me up, lightning through the veins of love, you pick me up, a message from the Gods above, and , girl , I never want this to stop!

Only You

Written By: Charlie gardner

I sat back to watch the party, unveil before my eyes, I sat back and watched all the beautiful girls , light up the night, but I want you and only you will do. Ther's no one on Earth quite like you!
I lay back to watch the fireworks , explode above my head, I lay back and closed my eyes for a while but I saw your face instead and I want you and only you will do. There's no one on Earth quite like you! Only You, Only You, Only You , Only You.
I dreamed I saw an angel, she came she touched my life, the dream was real and so are you and now Im living in your light cos I found you and only you will do there's no one on earth quite like you. Only You !