Charlie Hussle Entertainment

Charlie Hussle Entertainment

BandHip HopFunk

We provide good music which is combined with good clean, and understandable lyric's for you to have fun while partying etc.


Charlie Hussle Entertainment/ Records. Presenting one the most influential entertainment that is strong. Our team provide's good music in strength, and stability in a safe environment. Our goal is to help the fan's of our music, or any-where to reach a social networking, fun, dancing, environment and have a great time with us and our music.

Thank You,
R. Charlie Woodard, Jr. CEO
Charlie Hussle Entertainment


Artist: PHESY has released 3 single; Monkey On My Back;Talk Money and Wanna B's, since coming aboard Charlie Hussle Entetainment/ Records.

Set List

"Negotiable" Transportation by air (Southwest)Airline, and rental car, cab, etc. We would like 4 star's Hotel's. And other riders' expense's.