Charlie Hustle

Charlie Hustle


Dynamic rock band. From abbrasive to atmospheric, and everything in between. All with enormous hooks.


Charlie Hustle defies labeling. Some call it post hard-core. Some prefer modern rock. The members choose to call it music. Charlie Hustle are many things: sometimes abrasive and aggressive. Sometimes ambient and atmospheric, and everything in between. Concentrating on songs that have enormous hooks, and teach a lesson in dynamics, they set out to create music that they not only wanted to hear, but also as a breath of fresh air for lungs of tired and bored music lovers longing for something new and creative. Charlie Hustle do not reinvent the wheel, they just insist on putting a new tread on it. By implementing creative tunings, odd time signatures, and drawing on influences such as Quicksand, Far, Portishead, Bad Brains, and many more-they create a sound that is vocal oriented, very accessable, yet still completely original. 3/4 of the members have been playing together for the better part of a decade. After numerous frontmen, the current vocalist completed the puzzle. Years of mutual admiration, and talks of various projects, the timing was right. As seasoned performers and accomplished song writers, the chemistry was instant. The Hustle are currently finishing a 5 song ep and video to begin shopping.


Our first EP "Celebration for the Bride" will be released July 31st, 2007 through Reason Y Records.

Set List

Our set usually consists of 8 songs. Short and sweet. It will always contain the 5 from our currently in production ep, and rotating songs from our non-recorded ones. We cover "Sour Times" by Portishead which is definitley a crowd favorite.