Charlie K.

Charlie K.

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Charlie K. is nostalgic yet contemporary. The "Golden Era" of Hip Hop is what he reminds audiences of without making them feel aged. He brings to the stage a certain je ne sais quoi;consistently receiving positive feedback after performances. The Charlie K. locomotive is approaching. Look out.


To some, art is hobby; to Charlie K., art is life. After developing an affinity for the verbal art form at an early age, Charlie K. has spent his time since honing his craft with diligence and fervor. Mastering the art of verbal dissection has been a prime aspect of this process. Drawing inspiration from such hip hop greats as Big Punisher and Black Thought, Charlie K. resembles a Lamborghini on the Swiss Autobahn with the way he weaves in and out of tracks. C.K., as he is affectionately known by his peers, has managed to maintain a uniqueness and identity in today’s homogenized market.

Faced with the widely desired opportunity to 'get signed' at a young age, Charlie K. realized the prospects of this unique situation could negatively alter his persona and decided to turn the deal down. Experiences such as these are vividly detailed in works such as the regarded song "The Pessimist": " A&R's got' a problem/ that's they loss/ they telling find a gimmick/ I'm telling them hell naw." The galvanic emcee is no sophomore to the stage, for Charlie K. has been mastering syllables since the age of 12 and has been the host of several notable showcases, such as Philadelphia’s “Two Turntables and One Mic.” Sunshine Philadelphia, Charlie K.’s latest entry, continues to receive acclaim and generate buzz in vast range from Philadelphia to Germany. Currently, the emcee is working with the esteemed producer Kush Shalimar and his company Greenlytebeets, LLC on several projects. Charlie K.'s penchant for resiliency combined with his ambition is sure to guarantee the artist more than a footnote in not only hip hop history but music history overall.


"Sunshine Philadelphia" - Mixtape