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Charlie Khan

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Cabaret


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Charlie Khan "How We Divide The Cake"

“one has to listen to the CD in its entirety a second time to glean the brilliance behind the work…For those with a penchant to really delve deeply into an artist's lyrics and psyche, this is highly recommended.” - ReGen Magazine


"How We Divide The Cake" (Villainous Records 2007)
"The Four Horsemen EP" (Villainous Records 2010)
"World Turned Upside Down" (Villainous Records 2010)
"That's The Man I'm Going To Be" (Villainous Records 2010)
"The Fathomless Maelstrom" (Villainous Records 2010)
"Tiger Tail" (Villainous Records 2011)



Who, what, and why is Charlie Khan? Musician, wordsmith, malefactor, man of mystery, and potential psychopath, he rules over a peculiar little world of his own twisted design, crammed full of jaunty tunes, loud noises, breathless rants and jet-black humour.

Some say he was spawned in the aftermath of a catastrophic industrial accident, creeping from the toxic ooze and hauling his misshapen form toward the nearest bar. Some say he hid in a cave for 20 years with only broken musical instruments to keep him company, spying on the civilised world through a rusty telescope whilst laughing maniacally and stabbing a stuffed owl with a sharpened spoon. Some say he stalks the streets of London in the dead of night, stealing shoes from tramps and licking windows. Others cannot so much as utter his name without collapsing into fearful hysterics.

Whatever the truth about Charlie Khan may be, he certainly knows how to entertain and terrify in equal measure. Singing demented ditties about death, war, disease, money, injustice, love, hate, bizarre sexual practices and transsexuality, he turns his mind to anything he sees fit to apply his wit, and mocks it mercilessly. His acerbic turn of phrase is underpinned by a gloriously ramshackle, yet idiosyncratically tuneful, cacophony of decrepit keyboards, clattering percussion and booming double-bass.

As if the prospect of being confronted by the mighty Mr Khan alone weren’t frightening enough, he is usually flanked by his henchmen, the Bullfrog Chorus. On the drums is Mr Goodchild, a man who has always enjoyed hitting things far too much, and is only safe in public when trapped behind a drumkit. On the keyboards is Mr Davey, who has to be lured on to the stage with a bottle of beer and heavily sedated to keep him from escaping.

Together, they create some of the most unusual, exhilarating and original music known to mankind. Part lunatic asylum, part circus and part junk shop, they are a glorious combination of the sublime and the utterly ridiculous. Treating every stage they play on as if it were a padded cell, they bound around making strange noises and pulling ghoulish faces, and stunning audiences into submission with their ‘unique’ stagecraft. They give their all at every show, shedding blood, sweat, tears and even more sweat, but always emerge triumphant. And sweaty.

Charlie himself is a born ringmaster, capable of drawing the crowd into his confidence and grasping them firmly in the palm of his gnarled, double-bass-blistered hand. Leading the Bullfrog Chorus in the manner of his namesake, Genghis (no proven relation as yet, but the similarities are startling…), he leaves the punters gratefully traumatised, their lives irreversibly transformed.

Naturally, his hunger for fame, glory, power, blood…er….forget the blood bit… and the trappings of all of the above, drives Charlie Khan to ever headier heights and stranger territories. Therefore, don’t be surprised, or afraid, if he should rear his head in a venue near you….