Charlie P.
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Charlie P.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE


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This band has not uploaded any videos



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Cabin Fever
Paul Switch, Charlie P.
Trillitary Recordings | 2012-10-16

Okay Okay
Charlie P.
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2012-10-08

Sexy Shapes EP
Charlie P., Ionik, r.e.g., Dan Cox
Simplify Recordings | 2012-02-01

A Red Thread
Charlie P.
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2011-12-19

At Whatever Cost EP
Charlie P.
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2011-11-18

Everything At Once - Physical CD & Digital Album
Charlie P.
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2011-11-01

Breathing To The Rhythm
Charlie P., Ionik, Gin Cooley
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2011-06-13

Subbrocck Remixes
Heavy Machine, Antimatter, Charlie P., HD4000, Niko Prange
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2011-03-28

Do You Feel Real Remixes
Charlie P., Dan Wall, Ryan Noise, Taste Tester
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2011-03-08

All That's Left
Saejma, Charlie P.
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2011-02-14

Do You Feel Real
Charlie P.
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2011-01-11

Repeat Business
Charlie P., Mindelixir, T8R (Tot), Bookworm, Stereotonin, Axiom Crux, Spooky Jones, Panthergod, Deformati, Ghetto Sexuual, Elfkowitz, Fast Nasty, Psymbionic, Lo Bounce
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2010-12-27

Short Term Memory
Charlie P.
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2010-11-30

Half Stupid
Charlie P., Ionik
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2010-09-27

Charlie P.
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2010-09-13

Music For Funerals And Banks
Charlie P., Two Fresh, Mindelixir, Stereotonin, Axiom Crux, Spooky Jones, Panthergod, Sub Shanti, Deformati, Ghetto Sexuual, Wobblefish, Mochipet, Leo 123, Dan Wall, T8R (Tot), Splatinum, Peripheral, Moving Temple
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2010-08-30

Everybody Needs To Know - Digital Full Length Album
Face, Plex Long, Saejma, Charlie P., Kaotick, Khalief Khadafi, Too Phaced
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2010-04-12

Dubsteppers For Haiti Volume Two
Section 8, King, Sighnature, DLX, Press, Charlie P., Richie August, Hellfire Machina, Heavy Machine, Sook, Depone, Ekaj, Organikismness, Total Recall, Jeekoos, Dan Wall, Korea, Bogtrotter, Boot, Kid Logic, Megalodon, CB, redeyz, Taos, The Builder, J.Nitrous, Nephilim
Betamorph Recordings | 2010-02-19

Bass Wars
Charlie P., Rx, Heavy Machine, Uprise, Mindelixir, Dodger Man, Skapezilla, Total Recall, Chronicles Of The Landsquid, Dan Wall, Mnuvr, Quad Control, Sonkin
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2010-01-26

Mad Happy
You Charles aka Charlie P.
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2009-12-26

JackBOT, Charlie P., The Funk Out, Figure
Direct Drive Digital | 2009-12-08

Teenage Blitz
Sawgood, Blatta & Inesha, The Bulgarian, Charlie P., Ajapai, Kick-Oh, SHAX, DZE
CRUX | 2009-12-01

Every 5 Minutes
Charlie P.
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2009-10-26

I Got Bugs
Charlie P., Hellfire Machina, Uprise, Mindelixir, M80 Dubstation
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2009-10-12

A Town Down Volume 1
Charlie P., MK2, Heavy Machine, Skapezilla
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2009-08-26

Mark Zero, Farace, Charlie P., Perfect Cell, Giro, Bob Fantasyze, Loudnessboy
Bombeatz Ink | 2009-08-05

Shadows Fall Behind You
Charlie P.
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2009-05-21

Hind Sight Is 2020
Charlie P.
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2009-03-06

Step Brothers EP
Plex Long, Charlie P., Nobody Famous, Kaotick, Diligent
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2009-02-23

On The Couch
Charlie P.
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2009-01-26

It's So Crazy
Ntrudrz, Charlie P.
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2008-06-22

ALR Mixtape Volume 2
SK, Face, Plex Long, Charm, Charlie P., Nobody Famous, Ricky Raw, Kaotick, Young Guap, Bman, Gata, TD, Lil Etha, Diligent, Dizelac
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2008-06-15

ALR Mixtape - Vol. 1
Face, Nature, Plex Long, Nobody Famous, B Man, Note, Kontent, Ricky Raw, Wes Green, Kaotick, Young Guap
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2008-02-20

Situational Dependance
Charlie P.
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2007-10-14

Here Waiting
Charlie P.
Abstract Logic Recordings | 2007-10-07



Charlie P. is one of electronic music's best kept secrets, but don't let his obscurity fool you. This Atlanta based music producer and label boss has been deeply rooted in the underground scene and an influential artist for years. There is no style of music this man hasn't explored and it shines through every genre bending track he drops.

If you already know his music, you can attest to his aggressive, yet beautiful approach to music production. Live instrumentation met with digital precision creating a sound that has put him in a class of his own. The solid composition and structure of his songs combined with over a twelve years of experience in the studio and on stage have earned him a very dedicated audience who are always patiently waiting for the next new release.

Charlie's songs draw from a lifetime of personal experiences and an untold amount of musical influences. His songs are as dirty as they are beautiful. Wobbly basslines, and dirty dubstep beats lay the foundation for his intricate guitar overtures and beautiful soundscapes. The tension in his programming and infectiously layered melodic rhythms build and bust like waves in the ocean. His unique ability to translate emotion into sound instantly captivates your senses leaving you hanging on every note.

Charlie is definitely no stranger to the stage. He's been playing shows since 2002 and has seen his fair share of green rooms. His medium and methods have evolved quite a bit from his early years of lugging vinyl crates to the dj booth. Today his approach to playing live is reminiscent of the "Live PA" sets of yesteryear while armed to the gills with the advancements of modern music technology. The overall blend of deejaying, sampling, looping, and improv while playing software, hardware and traditional instruments unlocks the ultimate freedom when playing live. During that once in a lifetime moment during an improv jam, or the sweaty pulse pounding mix session, the unpredictable and entertaining sets Charlie delivers are definitely not worth missing.