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Berkhamsted, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Berkhamsted, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band R&B Pop


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'Created By Design' finds slick R & B melting seamlessly into Urban as Charlie Rose lays down her gentle wares with the guts of Alicia Keys and the finesse of Mariah Carey.
Charlie's performance is high up there with the 'big girls'. Smooth, often breathy sounding, she's got a stunning voice and 'Created By Design' is written and arranged to give her ample room to demonstrate her wonderful talent. It's mildly American in feel but Charlie retains her British-ness through her great use of earthy lyrics. This is a classy piece of work aimed unashamedly at the smoochy, sexy side of R & B.
Charlie presents three similarly sensually laden tracks on this release; all cry quality and slick professionalism - each has a charm of its own - every one seems to be designed to chill and thrill.
Charlie Rose has chosen her genre - one that's already packed to overflowing with quality acts. Charlie Rose will have to keep the pressure on to make herself heard and be accepted - but on this performance there's every chance that she'll get in and be able to hold on. The potential of Charlie Rose is obvious - the future will depend on gaining that acceptance rather than just natural talent - something Charlie has in abundance. - Peter J Brown aka toxic pete (

Charlie Rose made an architectural change to the Urban landscape in 2006. Her single 'Created by Design' stunned audiences at the Midem Festival in Cannes at the turn of the year when Charlie featured on a prestigious industry CD at the event. A clamour for Charlie's signature followed, a race that was won by Urban Precinct who will waste no time in releasing 'Created by Design' in the UK 5 June 2006.

The single was met by a wave of industry and reviewer praise. Tastemakers from Radio 1 to Canvas from regional newspapers to nationals were all in agreement...This was a superstar waiting to join the elite. Live appearances followed and the momentum grew as people eagerly anticipated more from the London singing sensation.

Charlie Rose's new single to answer the demands is released on Urban Precinct later this summer 2006 and promises to launch Charlie into super stardom around the UK and Europe.

Charlie Rose has had a meteoric rise to success. Charlie's rapidly growing fan base has elevated her to a pedestal occupied by the very best performers in the UK and industry movers and shakers have been quick to hand plaudits to Charlie Rose.

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Vocalist Charlie Rose put on a stunning performance at Chiltern FM�s Christmas Lights Switch-On Road Shows with her compelling, self-penned songs.

The events which also featured X-factor boy band 4thBa5e mentored by Simon Cowell took place on November 20 & 24th in Hemel & Stevenage to hordes of screaming fans. One fan excitedly declared: 'Charlie's so cute. When is her album coming out?�

Charlie spent 2 hours signing autographs in spite of Siberia cold temperatures and has been asked back by Chiltern FM in the spring 2006.

�Making Of A Star - �Future�s bright for 16-year-old sensation� is only one of many raving headlines praising Charlie Rose who is signed to Hemel Hempstead based Music Production and Management Company 3rd PRECINCT

Charlie has gone from strength to strength since her involvement with 3rd PRECINCT and has already had a serious taste of fame when she performed to over 30.000 people in one weekend at Loftus Road Stadium & Southend Stadium in April 2005.

Immediate plans for Charlie Rose include a single release and a video shoot. - Herald Express

Following her half-time performance of self-penned track “Created By Design” on Saturday April 2nd, 2005 pop superstar-in-waiting Charlie hailed the QPR supporters.

“I thought they were fantastic – I felt such a warm welcome, and so supported on the pitch”.

Although she only just turned 16 last month, Charlie has been an ever-present at Loftus Road for the past 4 seasons thanks to her dad Malcolm – and they are both season ticket holders in the Ellerslie Road stand. So what was it like to be on the other side of the touchline for once?

“Amazing – a dream come true. I felt so proud to be out there on the same pitch as the players I support every week. And walking down the tunnel was such a huge thrill”.

After the game, Charlie revealed she’d written to Ollie prior to the Sheffield Wednesday game last season which saw us clinch promotion.

“It was an inspirational poem – I write all my own songs, and I wanted to write something for him and the team. So I sent him a poem, saying how happy I was to be a fan, and how, whatever happened, everyone would be so proud of the team. I saw him in the summer – and asked him if he’d ever received it. He said yes, and that he’d read it out to the players before the game at Hillsborough! And then, to say thank you, he gave me his training top with ‘IH’ on it!”

It has been a remarkable story for Charlie, whose biggest performance prior to this weekend had been a crowd of 300. And the story could even get better – record company moguls were at the game on Saturday, and were impressed with what they saw.

But the last word of the afternoon went to Charlie – who was invited to the Player’s bar after the final whistle to meet her heroes:

“This is such a brilliant club – and despite the result, I was so proud to be a part of the day. I’d love to come back and perform again next season – hopefully it’ll be in the Premiership!”

Tuesday evening’s game against Gillingham sees all-girl pop/R&B group (also Charlie’s friends and label-mates) ‘NUENDO perform at half-time.

For more on Charlie & ‘NUENDO visit: - Queens Park Rangers

Charlie Rose & 'NUENDO are 2 hot acts ready to conquer your territory.
Book their fun filled, fast paced, glossy 35 min show now � While you can afford them�

Call manager Charlotte Roel - T/F: 01442 265 415. M: 07732 839 213.

1 April: Southend Football Club (10.000). 2 & 5 April: QPR Stadium (20.000).
21 May: XLP Showcase, Lewisham. 9 July: Music On The Moor, Hemel Hempstead (12.000).
16 July: Pepper Rock Show, Berkhamsted. 24 July: Infusion Dance Show, Castle Hall Theatre, Hertford (450 seater). - 3rd PRECINCT Ltd

MEGA vocal talent & gifted singer / songwriter Charlie Rose is one of the most exciting young British artists to hit the UK music scene in recent years.

Reception to her performances around the country is overwhelming.

Production and Management Company 3rd PRECINCT Ltd based in greater London has very high aspirations for her career in England as well as in the rest of the world.

The company is currently pursuing a marketing, manufacturing and distribution deal for Charlie Rose.

Charlies Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Tour 2005 included concerts at QPR, Loftus Road Stadium April 2nd 2005 to an audience of 20.000 and Southend Stadium April 1st 2005 to an audience of 10.000.

Next up for the busy Berkhamsted girl is Chiltern FMs Christmas Lights Tour late November 2005.

A recent promo trip to New York City in August 2005 won Charlie an impressive celebrity endorsement.
Beau Huggins, President of Orpheus Music: 'Charlie Rose is an oil well waiting to be exploited'.

Charlotte Roel
T/ F: (+44) (0) 1442 265 415 - MIDEM Preview

An artist with massive potential... George Ergatoudis, Head of Radio 1

With the lazy, long, hot days of summer 2006 now upon us Charlie Rose brings youthe soundtrack of the season with her stunning new single 'Fake - Reloaded'.

The single originally a huge hit for Alexander O'Neal of Princes group The Tyme in 1987 is written by Janet Jacksons famed producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.

'Fake - Reloaded' is Charlie Rose's second single on Urban Precinct
and promises to launch Charlie into super stardom around the UK and Europe.

Charlie Rose 1st single Created By Design has been met by a wave of industry and reviewer praise. Tastemakers from Radio 1 to Canvas are all in agreement:
This is a superstar waiting to join the elite.

Live appearances and a growing momentum have everyone eagerly anticipating more from the London singing sensation. 'Fake - Reloaded' is the single to answer the demands!

Slick R & B melting seamlessly into Urban.... Peter Brown

Charlie Rose made an architectural change to the Urban landscape in 2006. Her self-penned single 'Created by Design' recently won The BritBusTour 2006 and stunned audiences at Midem in Cannes when Charlie featured on a prestigious industry CD.

A clamor for Charlie's signature followed a race that was won by Urban Precinct who wasted no time in releasing 'Created by Design' in the UK earlier this year.

Charlie Rose has had a meteoric rise to success. Charlie's rapidly growing fan base has elevated her to a pedestal occupied by the very best performers in the UK. Industry movers and shakers have been quick to hand plaudits to Charlie including Soul legend Isaac Hayes who describes Charlie as 'a voice that crosses over age, race, sex and geography'.

Through 3rd PRECINCT Ltd Charlie is currently collaborating with NY Grammy award wining mix engineer Ken Lewis whose credits include Kanye West, Usher & Mariah Carey.

Charlie Rose is an oil well waiting to be exploited....
Beau Huggins, Orpheus Ent. - Urban Precinct

Urban Precinct MD Floyd Adams III aka DA3RD proudly announced the news stating: This is the second
prestigious competition Charlie Roses song Created By Design wins. It is also only the second contest we have ever entered! I have no idea what is up with this song. It is truly blessed!

The song treats subjects such as botox procedures and plastic operations and has the young R&B singing sensation crying out: I don't wanna be created by design. I don't wanna be moulded into shape. I don't wanna have artificial features. I just want to be me!

Charlie Rose's career has gone from strength to strength since signing with London based music Production/Management company 3rd PRECINCT Ltd and their new digital imprint Urban Precinct in 2005.

Urban Precinct plans to use the win to further build Charlie's profile in the UK, Europe and US. With buzz heating up as Charlie's new single is featured on PopKomm cd the future is looking bright for Charlie Rose!

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Urban Precinct releases FAKE - Reloaded August 7th 2006 on -

Charlie Rose's brand new single - FAKE - Reloaded written by famed Janet Jackson producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis is off to a flying start debuting at No3 on Urban tastemaker chart

The hot track has surpassed established acts such as Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes & Fatman Scoop in its first week! - DJ League

'Fake - Reloaded' from Charlie Rose is, as the title suggests, a re-made, re-modelled work initially made famous back in '87 in the hands of Alexander O'Neal.

Charlie takes it, breaks it, bends it and mends it - she gives it her own classy feel and adds more than a touch of feminine sexuality.

As a stand-alone piece of work it's up there with the best. Charlie Rose has potential for Universal appeal - her slick, urban R&B should find acceptance wherever its heard. The genre itself travels well and will always find a home; Charlie Rose should therefore reap big rewards with her slick dance grooves and sensual approach and 'Fake - Reloaded' is on the button.

Charlie Rose is young, she's vibrant and she's committed. Plenty of reasons then why this young thing should make a splash. Currently, with 'Fake - Reloaded', I feel that Rose is just too comfortable holding middle-ground, the safe zone of this popular medium.

As she makes her way and grows I feel this girl may start to take a few more risks, to push at the boundaries a little. I think the real Charlie Rose is still to be unleashed - she'll re-urbanise urban, re-quantify British R&B and become a household name. - Toxic


Hot single 'FAKE - Reloaded' written by famed Janet Jackson producers Jimmy Jam / Terry Lewis
Released 7 Aug 2006 on

This classic 1987 Funk track, originally recorded by Alexander O'Neal of Prince's group the Tyme, has been given a loving make-over by the gang at

With 2 hot remixes 'Fake - Reloaded' is the anthem of the summer 2006!

Debut EP released 5 June 2006 on

The 3 original songs includes multi award winning 'Created by Design' and a new mix by Grammy Award winner Ken Lewis (Usher, Mariah & Kanye).

1) Created By Design (Rose/DA3RD/Roel)
2) If Only (Rose/Holtti/Roel)
3) Work It (Rose/DA3RD/Roel)

17 April 2006 Release Party
The Official Release of Charlie Rose's 3 Song EP is celebrated with a live Webcast to a live, strictly VIP invited exclusive audience of 30 and an internet audience of thousands.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Download Charlie Rose's full lengths tracks:

Charlie Rose 'FAKE - Reloaded' debuts at No3 July 09 - 2006:

WINNER: 'Best Song'.

Hey guys,

I'm Charlie Rose and I'm gonna take you back to the beginning and show you the story behind Charlie Rose.

Well, I was born in a hospital not far from my home-town. I grew up in a small town and in the area that I lived it was really quiet. Ever since I was young, I wanted to perform. I can remember when I was four on one of my favourite holidays; a week together with my family, down south in Dorset, and one evening, my parents took my brother, sister and I to a pavilion event, where my sister and I won an award for singing nursery rhymes to the audience. I suppose you could say that was my first performance.

In my childhood years I enjoyed visiting the woods which were just across the road from us where I could go for walks with my dogs, singing my own songs or my mum's favourites from Seal or Eva Cassidy for the birds and the horses around me to hear.

Throughout my school years, I was always taking part in any school play that involved singing, dancing or acting. I remember I played the part of one of the main sugar plum fairies; dancing and twirling to the music of the nut-cracker. I also took the role of one of the main singers in Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat. I joined the school choir with the help of my Dad who had written some of the songs we were singing.

As I grew older, I decided to take up dance. Not the usual dance classes but Irish dancing, and I loved it so much that I continued it for six years. I won certificates, medals and trophies. I was entered into the Great Britain Championships where I came 2nd runner up and received a trophy. After six years I gave up Irish dancing and turned my attention to where my heart really wanted to go: The life of creating music and song!

I took singing lessons for a year until I finished school. A friend of mine is a singer herself and is in a band called 'NUENDO managed by 3rd PRECINCT. She gave me their business card and I called and arranged to meet. At the audition we went through some of the songs I had written myself. A few months later I was signed to an artist development program and recorded and mastered a three song EP.

The experience of singing in a live studio is out of this world and I wouldn't change it for anything. The performances of my songs soon followed when I sang to an audience of 30,000 people in a weekend as the halftime entertainment at two football stadiums.

I 've won Songwriter Universe contest 'Song of the Month' July 2006:
the BritBus Tour 2006: &
which I am all really proud of!

I also got to the Grand Finals of the Best of British vocalists with the UK unsigned Channel U.

This past year I have been on the 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Tour' with my hot label mates 'NUENDO at gigs all over the UK. Recently I have been performing with X-Factor's 4th Base boy band at Chiltern FM Radio's Live Road Shows and at Barnsley FC to 12.000 football fans. I have also just finished my first webcast 'UP Close - With Charlie Rose' for Urban Precinct.

As you can tell, I have been really busy this past year but I have really enjoyed every minute of it. I hope you have come to know the real me and hopefully your dreams will come true too.

C U soon!!!