Charlie Shafter Band

Charlie Shafter Band



The Charlie Shafter Band is an eclectic mix of troubadours; a breath of fresh air in this polluted world of music. They bring to the table a mix of rock, blues, funk, and something new; yet to be a classified genre. Charlie Shafter (guitar, vocals) has a soulful, but heart piercing voice that can bring the strongest of men to his knees. He is backed by an energetic group of well refined musicians consisting of Joel Dreistadt (Drums), Clayton Freeman (Bass), and Adam Cline (Guitar). They have been performing now for three years and have spread joy in every town they pass through. They just released their second album "17th and Chicago", which is packed with soul searching songs and heart warming tales. The record was produced by the very talented Billy Harvey (Bob Schneider, Steve Poltz, Trish Murphy) in Austin, TX.

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Charlie Shafter Band - "17th & Chicago" - 2007
Charlie Shafter Band - "Orange" - 2005

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