Charlie Slick

Charlie Slick


Pop songs written with Analog synthesizers and Catchy anthem Lyrics. Crowd pleasing over the top dance inspiring performances. Fun.


Charlie Slick has been playing anything from parties to big Festivals and everything in between for the last 4 years and he's a crowd pleaser no matter where. His music is heavy on synthesizers, drawing influence from 80's groups like Soft Cell, and Depeche Mode, but the production and lyrical content sets him apart from other 80's new wave revampers. He, himself say's he draw most of his influence from 50's and 60's pop music and it just so happens he really love synthesizers.

The Charlie Slick show is a Michigan Staple. His antics include, but are not limited to convincing everyone in the audience that they are traveling through time. He sings with power and clarity, and it's hard to leave a Charlie Slick show untouched (or at least, un-glittered).


My Time Machine

Written By: Charlie Slick

It's time to start again
now that the future is gone
You're back with our best friends
and they are happy you're here
You can change your mind again,
because you know it was a matter of time
And you can lose yourself again
In that movie that you like

Cuz it's time for me to leave
In my home made time machine

You walk passed the record store
Where they hide all your favorite songs
You try to write some that might compare
It's so hard with the TV on
You can finally keep it going
Now that you can go it alone
Me and my robot army
We'll kill the soul of rock n roll

But it's time for me to leave
In my home made time machine

I'm a Boy

Written By: Charlie Slick

When I see a girl, I want to touch her
want to bring her home, want to be her lover
want to hear her say, that she needs me,
I want to do this to every girl I see,
Because I'm a boy,
I'm a boy

I like to go to the Hardware store,
Like to touch the metal, like to touch the wood,
Like to feel the screws in my hand,
Nails and glue, they make me feel so proud,
Because I'm a boy
I'm a boy

Us boys are gonna do what boys want to do
We're gonna take this world, sell our souls,
so we can place it on the foot of a pretty girl.
I'm a boy


Charlie Slick, Pass the Time Machine (LP 2005)
Charlie Slick, Walter Carlos (LP 2007)
Charlie Slick, In My Room (LP 2007)
Charlie Slick, Edward Murphy (LP 2008)

Set List

My sets are usually 30-50 minutes, but usually land around 45 minutes. I play all originals.
Coconut man, Money, You've got the job, Allan, Let's dance, Too busy for love, You've got your lasers on me, I'm a boy, Sushi party, Kissy Kissy, Time machine. Usually