Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith


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Written By: Charlie Smith

I’ve been hurt and I’ve been chained
You had to have a piece of me girl
You had to feel my pain
I got to be strong strong
But where do I get the strength from
Well I need some satisfaction
And it won’t be long

I can feel it but it can’t be found
I need a little help from this world
I need something on Planet Earth

Shine like an angel
I’m gonna be what I want to be
Ain’t gonna feel nothing for you
It’s wasted on you
Coming into the light
At the end of the rainbow

So suddenly
You can still make me scream
But not so easily
And you’re all no, please
But you’re hard to believe
This time I’d like to keep my dignity

It’s been coming for me every hour
Even now I’m needing your love
But I’m sick and tired of laying down for you