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"Brooke Mason, 3/08"

The lead singer Charlie is poised to become the next Macy Gray or Beyonce…[the band] is amazing…I was reminded of The Black Crowes on songs like “Make Up To Get Down” and “I Ain’t Fallin’,” with a finale where Charlie’s vocal power really comes through.

- Bitchin' Entertainment

"Robert Christgau"

“...and best of all, a ‘Get Off’ by a compact ball of fire named Charlie Superfly that was comic without wasting a volt of the song's erotic charge.” - The Village Voice

"Brian Baker 9/28/07"

If you're looking for credentials, Charlie Superfly was recently named "Miss Black Howard Stern" and she's hotter than the hinges of hell. Musically, Charlie is all about the 70s in all its glorious facets, from Blaxploitation cinema (dig her Cleopatra Jones look) to the era's wide-ranging music - Sly Stone, Led Zepplin, Prince, Tina Turner, Steely Dan, and everything between and beyond, all of which winds up on her EP, "Everybody's Sexy". Word up!

Dig it: Old-school R&B with a smooth Pop finish and a crunchy Rock foundation. - Cincinnati City Beat


EVERYBODY'S SEXY, EP released 6/1/07



Superfun; Superfabulous; Superfunky; SUPERFLY!!! That’s the mantra of this cosmically wild group of superheros and rockstars known as CHARLIE SUPERFLY. A modern day Sly and the Family Stone, this band rocks with a cast of comic book worthy, 70s Blaxploitation-film-fantasy characters. When they give you the power fist at the end of one of their super high-energy shows, you know they’re the real deal. Can you dig it?

Dig Charlie: Charlie is the front-woman and creator of the group. She’s a quirky, born-a-couple-of-decades-too-late, pop/rock/funk goddess and the perfect embodiment of 70s film heroines Foxy Brown and Cleopatra Jones. However, Charlie’s weapon of choice is a SURE™ Beta 58a microphone. One note of that unapologetically Macy Gray-ish voice and you’ll stop dead in your tracks.

Conceived in the back of an old, kelly green, 1978, Ford Town Landau with thick, white-wall trimmed tires, Charlie was born to funk. She grew up scrubbing those white-walls every Saturday alongside her proud, ‘fro wearin’ papa and against a soundtrack of old-school jams crankin’ out of the car’s antiquated 8-track player. Charlie has been on a mission to spread love and laughter through music ever since.

In April 2007, Charlie started spreading that love and laughter like a disease. A big fan of the Howard Stern satellite radio show, Charlie entered a contest looking for “The First Ever Miss Black Howard Stern” and won it by a mile! Charlie’s larger-than-life personality, infectious giggle, quick wit, and catchy pop songs garnered her the win and 15,000 new fans overnight. Whatever your feelings about Howard Stern, you can’t deny the fans! They are completely rabid and unerringly faithful. The fans love Charlie. She is Miss Black Howard Stern.

Dig the band: In May of that same year, Charlie began building her dream team — a band of brilliant musicians that looked like they were straight out of Undercover Brother. And every member embodied some aspect of her Superfun, Superfabulous, Superfunky and Superfly message.

Charlie found her guitarist, Jon Weed, first. “I saw Weeds playing in an LA club one night and I thought he was perfectly SUPERFLY”, says Charlie. “Weeds is my main man. Check him out and you’ll see that he totally has a ‘thing’. It’s indescribable but absolutely undeniable.” Jon Weed is one funky white boy. And as musical director of the group, he makes sure that everyone else keeps it funky too.

“Next, I found Shirley”, says Charlie. “I had been praying for a hot, Asian, chick bass player. And one day she literally just walked through the door!” Brand spanking new to LA by way of HK (as in Hong Kong baby!!!), Shirley To was heaven sent. “I took one look at her and wanted her immediately. Thankfully, she was also the best player we had seen in three weeks worth of auditions”, gushes Charlie. Part Posh Spice. Part Bond Girl. Shirley is as SUPERFABULOUS as they come.

Jevin Hunter, straight out of Detroit, holds down the groove for the Superfly friends. With Jevin, you can literally see the funk emanating from his soul. He is one intense and righteous cat. “Jevin came in and played half a song for me and I was hooked”, says Charlie. SUPERFUNKY? This cat has got it. Jev is like Black Caesar for the new millennium.

Last to join was Gerry Mattei (or “Baby G” as the band likes to call him). “I kind of wanted to bring in a 2nd guitarist instead of a keyboard player, but Weeds convinced me to give Baby G a chance,” explains Charlie. The band had already been together for a few weeks and was really feeling comfortable with one another. But when Baby G came in, the party really started. He’s the youngest member of the group and like an extra from Car Wash, Baby G always elevates the mood!

Dig the music: The music is a carefully crafted blend of funky pop/rock and good old-fashioned 70s soul. There is something familiar and instantly memorable in every tune. Yet, the Superfly sound is 100% fresh. Their debut EP, Everybody’s Sexy, was written by Charlie and a host of A-list songwriters including — Michelle Lewis (Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson), Nina Ossoff (Daughtry), Alex Forbes (Taylor Dayne) and Jeff Trott (Sheryl Crow). Our girl, Charlie, knows the value of a great pop hook.

The super talented Paul Umbach (Matt White and artists on Jive, Sanctum and Geffen) produced all the tracks on the record. According to Charlie, “Paul has been my greatest ally from the very beginning. He was there from day one and he totally understands me from top to bottom. I can’t imagine having done this record without him.”

While developing the EP, Charlie was also under the guidance of multi-platinum selling producer, Matt Wallace (Maroon5). “Matt is such an integral part of what this project has become”, muses Charlie. “I basically stalked him for about a year after hearing that first M5 record. Once I finally met him and told him about my vision, it was a wrap! A week later I had an apartment in Los Ange