Charlie Sutton

Charlie Sutton

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Solo Songwriting with crunchy-honey vocals, soul stirring, fingerpickin, toe tappin, tear wiping, songwriting like it used to be kind of stuff.


Singer-songwriter Charlie Sutton has spent years traveling the country working odd jobs and playing his original music. Working construction jobs, bussing tables, driving auction cars, working in a general store, and digging tree holes among other things all helped him pay rent (most of the time) , but music was always what he's lived for.
After moving to St. Louis at the age of 16, he hung around a guitar shop run by his Uncles and fronted a three piece band called Spud. There, he formed his own unique sound while immersed in the thick culture of a city full of music fanatics. His style borrowed from country blues, soul, and psychedelia. They parted ways eventually and Charlie moved on to Vermont, then to Boston where he performed in local songwriting contests and busked the subways. But New England wasn't home, and Charlie finally made his way back to the towering pines and open spaces of his native Northwest.

While Charlie's influences include artists such as John Hartford,Harry Nillson, Elizabeth Cotton, Sam Cooke,jimi hendrix,hot tuna,john fahey,lightning hopkins.mississippi john hurt and Neil Young, he has forged a style most definitely his own. He has played gigs on a local level everywhere he's lived, opening for several national acts as well. In October of 2006, he performed on A Prarie Home Companion when it traveled near his home town of Moscow, Idaho. He has one self titled release from 2006 and his latest cd ''milkmans son''was written and produced in his home studio in january of 2007.


Milk Man's Son

Written By: Charlie Sutton

My daddy was a travelin salesman
and I never knew his name
all I know is that he left
right after he came
aw haw, right after he came

He had eyes of blue
and apparently a really good time
yes sir-ee I guess he looked like me
way back in his prime
it was once upon a time

the milk man's son milk man's son
that;s just the way it goes
milk man's son milk man's son
some things I'll never know

Does he have a taste for liquor
and stayin out late into the night
cause if he's any thing like me
he's a heck of a sorry sight

Does he like to tinker in the toolshed
Does he like m&m's
Guess I'll never see his mama
or that town again

I got a boy out there somewhere
to the north of Idaho
knocked up his mama
looked at my watch and it was time to go whoa oh but that was a long time ago


Written By: Charlie Sutton

How are we supposed to get comfortably settled
runnin some place new everyday
How are we supposed to feel acclimated
when we never find a place to stay

We keep runnin from town to town
city to city
tryin to find our happy home
when deep inside the both of us
just want to be alone

Go on rolling you got to be rolling
like a tumbleweed

You were a beautiful exotic vine
I was the tendril in which you climbed
but you couldn't get enough sunshine so you left me behind

Now you are free and I am free
that's the way it ought to be
there's so much more for us to see
and I'll be wishing you the best

Go on rolling you got to be rolling
like a tumbleweed

I was on the road thumbing a ride
you happened to be passin by
You picked me up we laughed and cried but now it's time to say good bye


Charlie Sutton LP, 2006
Milk Man's Son LP, 2007

Set List

my original set list can fill about 3 hours but i like to throw in some covers to change it up a bit and pay homage to my heroes. heres a list of originals followed by some covers i like to play.
honest i do, tumbleweed,packin up,rosa,tall tales,thumbnail moon, cattail morning ,old friend levi,found you sleeping,milk mans son,ballad of a sugar bowl,other side of the sea,night in tuscon,high heels,this wet morning,trouble with leaving,happens to be you,hot air balloon,up to my knees,moira and bill,reubens cabin,boo hoo sue,heart in a can,see ya soon,another season,elk creek falls,move on,bens song,all the wild flowers,boy in blue,humdrum town,work with me,green mountains.
covers: busted, mother natures son,rapid roy ,Tell me why,lonesome whistle,gentle on my mind,other side of this life,country pie, freight train,rangers command,souveniers,worried man blues.