Charlie Vaughn and the Daily Routine
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Charlie Vaughn and the Daily Routine

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Biographers claim that the band’s formation was foretold by a sparrow and heralded by the appearance of a double rainbow over Chavez Ravine. A new star is born in the heavens every time they take the stage. On the anniversary of the band’s birth, mass celebrations are held throughout the country. It is one of the most important holidays for citizens of the United States of America. The song “Higher,” performed by Heidi Montag, was written for and inspired by the Daily Routine and is played repeatedly on a nonstop, no commercial broadcast on every radio station in America in honor of the Daily Routine on the anniversary of their genesis. Frequently sought after by many international dignitaries, the band simply refuses to stray too far from the fields of liberty they so graciously inhabit. However, the band has been known to visit Amsterdam from time to time. Due to the bias that the band has garnered from virtually every disc jockey in America, heightened monitoring systems have been put into place to ensure that the proper songs and order of the station’s playlist are correctly aired on the radio during a given day. Severe punishments are dealt to any DJ veering from their specified playlist. The infamous “Shotgun” Tom Kelly incident is a widely known and documented case in point.

It has been said that one dreadlock from the head of bassist Mark Harris will grow into a full and strong Sakura, or Cherry Blossom Tree, if planted and would bring peace to the world. Mark has yet to officially comment on this but most believe it to be true because of Mark’s serene and universally uniting style in which he plays the bass guitar and lives his life. The eyes of concert goers have been known to burn right out of their sockets during guitar solos performed by “the Pro.” A designated “burn zone” was implemented at Daily Routine concerts, much like the “splash zone” for Shamu at Sea World, to warn Daily Routine patrons of the consequence for getting too close to the stage during the burning guitar solos ignited by Matt “the Pro” Puccio. Matt had only been playing the guitar five months prior to joining the Daily Routine. Coming from a very intense musical family, and being one of thirteen kids, Michael “Sticks” Lennon worried his parents and siblings as he was completely and utterly silent for the first nine years of his life. Then one day, while the family was singing at one of the many Lennon family gatherings, a voice was heard. To everyone’s surprise they found it to be Michael. He proceeded to sing every song that was suggested to him with such fluency and unmatched pitch that every family member that was present lost their will and desire to sing or perform any kind of music anymore. Even those playing instruments threw up their hands in surrender, shocked to find Michael then taking turns playing any instrument he could find and mastering the instrument within the length of the song he performed. When asked about this Michael said, “I just wanted to train my ear. That day, when I was nine years old, I just felt I was finally audibly informed.” Little is known about Charlie Vaughn. He was found in a bread basket at the doorstep of the Vaughn household where doctors speculated he was but hours old. The Vaughn’s legally adopted Charlie shortly after the medical and legal procedures were over. Having what most would call a normal childhood, Charlie was instinctively drawn to the musical styling and sound of “Weird Al” Yankovic thus inspiring his own personal melodic pursuits. The rest is, as they say, history.

So come one, come all, bask in the contagious glow of one of America’s most mysterious, most celebrated, most talked about, most beloved and mystical treasures of all time, the Daily Routine.