Charlie Walker

Charlie Walker


Lyrically driven, Charlie Walker will not let you down when it comes to experiencing a quality performance filled with passion and depth. CHARLIEWALKER.ORG


Influenced by artist such as Van Morrison, Cat Power, Ben Harper, Damien Rice, and Jack Johnson, Charlie Walker has created an earthy sound that will relax you and will reveal the truth about life and love. His desire to be an authentic representation of life and all its ups and downs will inspire you. He genuinely cares about what the audience takes home from each performance.

You can view videos of Charlie Walker performing on YouTube.


You can buy Charlie Walker's Away "unplugged" Album on iTunes, Amazon and so on.

His recently released EP is also available on iTunes.

Set List

Covers: Still My Kisses (Ben Harper), Cannonball (Damien Rice), Bannanna Pancakes (Jack Johnson), Ain't No Sunshine (Bill Withers), Red House (Jimi Hendrix), Coldplay, Kings of Leon, and so on.

Originals: Summer, Growing, Jim in a Bottle, Day Dream, Clock Won't Stop, Around Again, and so on.

Sets generally run from 1 - 3 hours depending on the occasion. If it is a 3 hour set, there will be two 15 minute breaks.