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"Wildy's World: CD Review, Charlie Wheeler Band"

When you tell people you spend 15 months in the studio crafting your debut album, you better make sure it's good. The number alone builds expectations. Luckily for Charlie Wheeler, it's not bragging if you can back it up. Highway Run is a raucous trip back to a time when Rock was still a part of Rock-N-Roll.

Where to start? Charlie Wheeler is a superstar guitar player whether you've heard of him or not. But vocalist Greek Cheronis steals the show here. First of all, what a great Rock-N-Roll name: Greek Cheronis. Marketing aside, he has the perfect voice for a modern take on good old fashioned rock music. Highway Run is our introduction to the Charlie Wheeler Band, and it's everything you want in a rock album. New York City Night has a funk/soul groove to it that's irresistible, and catches the mood of the nocturnal city perfectly.

I Got To Ramble sounds like the sort of blues-inflected southern rock practiced by ZZ Top, and No One's Gonna Save You is a true rock ballad. Not the sort of easy listening cheese-metal ballads we've become accustomed to, but a song with definite rock structure and energy even while delivering it's low-key message. Other highlights include My Mama Cried, In A Daydream, When The Lord Comes To Get You, Protect You and Take Your Love From Me. Truth be told, there isn't a weak song here.

Charlie Wheeler and Greek Cheronis show the potential to be someday maybe be named alongside the likes of Page/Plant, Jagger/Richard, Van Halen/Roth, etc. This is one hot band, and Highway Run is must-have disc.

Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5)

- Wildy's World

".W. Ross"

The Charlie Wheeler Band is looking to bring back rock of the past added with some new elements to create their sound. The band’s motto is, “old school rock for fresh young minds.”

The band’s lineup is, Greek Cheronis (vocals, harmonica), Charlie Wheeler (guitar, backing vocals), Anthony Brown (keyboard, backing vocals), Chuck Jaques ( bass, backing vocals), and Darren Payne (drums, backing vocals).

The release also features some really nice saxophone work from special guest artist, Steve Chapel on the songs, “New York City Night,” and “Take Your Love From Me.”

The band’s musical influences include, Eric Clapton, Steely Dan, Rolling Stones, and The Black Crowes

The band spent 15 months in the studio recording, Highway Run, their debut release.

Originally assembled as a studio band this group of guys realizes the importance of having good instrumentation to go along with the vocals of the songs. The band likes to let the music flow freely so you’ll find lots of instrument solos peppered throughout the entire release.

The lead vocals of band member Greek Cheronis have just the right amount of the weathered sound needed to sing the band’s mixture of bluesy rock.

The Charlie Wheeler Band plays good old rock n’ roll that’s often layered with another style element. For example, “I Got To Ramble,” is a southern blues number, “When the Lord Comes to Get You,” is blues-rock. The last track, “Dreamin of You,” moves the mood in to a progressive rock style with its lush guitar sounds and keyboard parts.

The word is already starting to spread about the band with their being featured on Relix Magazine’s (360,000 subscribers) July CD sampler. They’ve also signed a national distribution deal with HomeGrown

This Pennsylvania band, based out of Ridgway, better keep their bags packed because with the music found on Highway Run I see a major headliner tour in their future.

- Indie Music Stop


Highway Run - 2008
Included on Relix Magazine July 2008 CD Sampler



Fate works in strange ways. Sometimes, when the stars line up just right, and luck is in one's favor, amazing things can happen. This might be the best way to desribe the conception of the Charlie Wheeler Band. When guitarist and songwriter Charlie Wheeler decided it was time to "make a proper recording," he enlisted the help of Anthony Brown, the very talented keyboardist, engineer and producer at AllSound Studios in Warren, PA.

"Anthony helped me assemble the right mix of players to get this project going." says Wheeler. Brown's first call was to long time collaborator and good friend Greek Cheronis (vocal/harmonicas). It took Brown about two minutes to convince Cheronis to join the project. Cheronis arrived at AllSound Studios about 15 minutes later, unannounced and all fired up! Thus began the Charlie Wheeler Band.

A combination of the hottest and most talented musicians between Jamestown (NY), Warren (PA) and Ridgway (PA), the Charlie Wheeler Band was created in 2007. Originally assembled as a studio band, the group became energized as the recording of their 2nd CD "Highway Run" progressed. With the addition of Chuck Jaques on Bass and Darren Payne on Drums, all of the pieces just seemed to fit together. Collectively, the decision was made; a high energy, powerful, live show must be shared.

"What happened to the guitar solo, the piano solo, the instrumentation?" Wheeler asks, directing the question at today's popular music. "Where did it go? Isn't playing your instrument to your fullest potential one of the bedrock priciples that rock n' roll was founded upon?" Wheeler writes songs in a variety of styles, ranging from riff based blues-rock to roadhouse-rockabilly to monster power ballads. He generally leaves ample room in his arrangements for the individual band members to express themselves instrumentally. During live performance, CWB is never shy about expansive improvisation.

Maybe it took 20 years in the music business for things to fall into place. Maybe it was simply where life took this group of talented players. Maybe the stars lined up just right. Maybe it was fate working its strange ways.