Charli Madison

Charli Madison


The music industries best kept secret. A clever blend of R&B Soulfulness and Hip Hop Presence, saturated with irrepressible harmonies and irresistible vocals. capable of wooing pop, hip hop, rock and Jazz fans of all demographics alike. Blowing audiences.


The story begins in Brooklyn, NY when Veronica & Ronald gave life 2 a baby girl who “came into the world singing”. A little girl who loved to sing dreamed of a day when she would share her love of music with the world. Charli has been reared in music since the beginning of life, late father, singer/musician Ronald Green sang and played with several bands through out her childhood giving her a solid foundation.

At age, 11 it was evident that Charli was destine for the stage. Charli found her start singing in church at Blessed Hope C.O.G.I.C. She went on to attend Talented Unlimited H.S. and continued on to North CarolinaSchool of the Arts, Winston Salem, NC studying classical music. Training included several languages introducing her to a whole new world of music expression. Charli has also studied at Institute of Audio Research in addition to 6 plus years Modern, Ballet, and Hip Hop style dance.

Her impressive voice has earned her honorable invitations to perform on stages across the country such as former President Bill Clinton and Israel’s Anthem for the US Israel Ambassador. In addition to performing at Madison Square Garden, The Apollo Theater, BB Kings Blues Club Opening for Public Enemy, and Ashford and Simpson’s Sugar Bar just to name a few. Charli has had the distinct pleasure to work with vocal coach Troy Randall of Mood Productions, Legendary producer’s Da Beatminerz, Sheldon Goode, Mister B, DR Period and collaborations with great artist like Royce Da 5'9” and a host of others.

Charli Madison is well on her way to being a renaissance woman of our time. In combination with a voice that is luring and an appeal that is irresistible she is a songwriter, musician, producer, audio engineer, dancer and an entrepreneur. In a world of Great Legends and Music Icons Charli Madison has a one of a kind style, her tenacity has allowed her to become a rising shining star. As the next generation of artist in the music industry she’s so real.

"Every time I sing, I aim to share my heart in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.” When you listen to Charli Madison’s music, it will be like listening to music gumbo: equal parts training, equal parts pure talent, equal parts musical influences. But most of all when you listen to Charli Madison you will hear nothing but love, pure love. Keep your ears, eyes, and hearts open for The Phenomenon Charli Madison..


Just Another Thug

Written By: Veeraniqica Green

Verse 1:
Let me tell you bout this strong intelligent fine young man I fell in love with
Sometime I don’t think he understand how truly dedicated I am
I can’t tell you what he do but the truth
Frightens me so I can’t sleep at night
If he knew how I need you so would you change
See what I see baby cause your not

Just another thug living the street life
Don’t wanna wake up and find you under the street light
wanna raise kids and grow old with you
If you get lock down you know id ride with you
Just another thug living the street life
Don’t wanna wake up and find you under the street light
Wanna raise kids and grow old with you
If you get lock down you know I'd ride with you

Verse 2:
I'm saying that he’s perfect but right or wrong here I stand
You’re the love of my life and though it gets crazy
The life I choose baby is with you
Now they could hit me with the chair and still I wouldn’t care
I'd rather die then betray your trust till death do us part
Always have my heart baby cause your not

Oh I don’t know what id do if I ever lost you
And every time you walk out the door I fall to my knees
Praying god please send him back to me in one piece
Cause he’s a good man, I love him, and I need him
Believe in him cause he’s not
(Chorus) repeat 2x’s

© Copyright December, 2006 @ Ronald’s Baby Girl’s Music, ASCAP


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2009 air music group all rights reserved

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