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I would have to say that it is Poetic and intense that weather you are a Rock fan or Pop , Soul or Country, you will find within it's word's and musical hook's that has somthing appealing and like a light breeze that touches your soul Love.


Charlotte approaches her music with a rare spiritual intensity. You experience her music and you discover her essence as an artist. Music is the soul of life and the melody that encourages our hearts to dance, she says. In her debut album, The Fall, Charlotte taps into the journey that is our imagination. Her music is poetry in motion and food that feeds the souls of her listeners.

The story begins with her kindergarten rendition of the Beatles' Good Morning Sunshine. Instantly drawn to the world of performance, she joined gospel choirs and performed in churches as well as on television. She performed in music halls and lead musical worship services.

After graduating from Florida's IMI School of Music and Ministry, one of her first solo recordings received radio airplay in Texas. She had now graduated to the level of a full-fledged singer/songwriter. Charlotte continued to play the coffee house circuit and countless venues in Texas. Her band, Fields Without Fences, developed quite a regional following and she soon embarked upon the next phase of her career -- a move to Music City, USA (Nashville) and the prospect of further artistic growth and exposure.

A Nashville club regular, Charlotte has also appeared on ABC-TV's Good Morning America and continues to perform to a growing audience of loyal fans. Having emerged victorious in a Battle of the Bands sponsored by Bud Light and FM100, she has also caught the attention of top music industry executives.

Charlotte recently performed at SESAC's Writers On the Storm Showcase in New York City. This event followed her signing with SeaBright Records. Principals in SeaBright include Burt Conrad and the renowned Nile Rogers. SeaBright's first order of business will be the re-release of The Fall. The Fall is now being played on 33 radio stations across North America and adding stations daily. The Fall can be purchased from,, and in stores. Charlotte is currently in the studio working on a new album, more details to follow.

Listen to her music and you will concur with those who appreciate her voice and a heartfelt writing style characterized by musical hooks and lyrical statements that appeal to the soul in all of us.


The Fall

Written By: Charlotte

“The Fall”

Pinch me am I breathing?
Don’t wake me if I’m dreaming.
Feels like I’m flying touching
Stars as they pass by
To me this feels like heaven
Slight touch of your hand
And on so explosive passion
Baby I’m head over feet again

It’s like sunshine on your face
Slow dancing in the rain
Moonlight stolen kisses
Baby I’m melting into you
And all I want to know
Is which part of this all is the fall

I’m a little lost and found
My feet won’t touch the ground
The look of love the taste of
Sweet surprise that’s in your eyes
You chase me like sweet wine
You make me feel I’m on fire
And I just try to catch my breath
When ever you walk by

It’s like sunshine on your face
Slow dancing in the rain
Moonlight stolen kisses
Baby I’m melting into you
And all I want to know
Is which part of this all is the fall

Fallin’ so in love
I can’t deny it
Tell me do you feel the same way too?

(Repeat Chorus)


My CD "The Fall" has several tracks being played on streaming audio worldwide and radio waves in North America.

Set List

Three hour set.
Any of the following may be in the set
1.The Fall
2.I Do
3.I'm Not Yours
4.Something Good
5.All This Time
6.In Spite of This
7.Hold On
10.Real Love
11.Kiss From Above
12.Just Breathe
13.You Get Me
14. It Ain't Easy
16.All of My Love
Plus many others.