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A unique blend of soulful, sophisticated, R&B-influenced Adult Contemporary music - think Babyface meets Sade, with heart-felt, bluesy vocals, reminiscent of the old soul divas, accompanied by string overlays and ever-present guitars!


Born totally blind in Coventry, UK, of mixed black
Caribbean/white English parentage. Fortunately,
Charlotte regained partial sighting in one eye and,
although she is officially registered blind, you cannot tell!

Charlotte’s childhood was particularly tragic and
extremely traumatic! As a result of her dysfunctional family upbringing, this period of her life saw Charlotte spending many of her early years passing to and fro between her divorced parents and various foster homes; suffering third degree burns as a 5-year old caused by a drug-fuelled uncle; and persuading her younger brother to turn himself in for the murder of a drug pusher, a crime of which he was convicted and is still imprisoned for. Hence Charlotte’s wealth of natural soul and passion!

Most, if not all, of Charlotte's songs are based on her close personal experiences, which affords Charlotte that somewhat unique and very real ability to sing from the heart with soul, passion and emotion.

It is no surprise then that, from the age of just 7, Charlotte started writing and singing soul songs as a way of expressing her emotions.

At the age of 15, she sang Smokey Robinson's "Second that emotion" at her first gig for unsigned artists in London. She was the youngest artist there and literally brought the house down! As a consequence, Charlotte was approached by Big Life Records who offered her a record deal for when she turned 16.

Having accepted this deal, Charlotte moved to London on her own and was immediately put to work with Lisa Stansfield, releasing the single "Sugar Tree". Charlotte then wrote her next single, "Queen of Hearts", with Jazzie B of Soul 2 Soul and so impressed him that he asked her to join the group. Charlotte refused, preferring to be an artist in her own right, but did agree to be their featured lead singer and subsequently went on tour with Soul 2 Soul (featuring Charlotte). Together they toured Japan (3 venues) and Europe, including Rome, Paris, Brussels & London, which afforded Charlotte, a mere teenager, a great deal of valuable experience. Being centre stage in front of such large audiences boosted her confidence tremendously and fuelled her desire to sing live more frequently.

Due to her graceful and captivating stage presence and her natural ability to sing live, Charlotte was also chosen to appear with Soul 2 Soul as their featured lead singer at such prestigious events as “The Greatest Music Party in the World” at the NEC, Birmingham, alongside a host of stars including David Bowie, Diana Ross and Rod Stewart, which was shown on international TV in over 40 countries.

During her time with Soul 2 Soul, Charlotte sang lead vocals on 2 of their songs, "I Care" (UK chart #11) and “Don’t you dream” (written by Charlotte), and also wrote the hit “Wish", which charted in the UK at # 9. "Wish" was included on Soul 2 Soul's "Greatest Hits" album and the other 2 on their “Volume 1V” album. Charlotte also fronted the group on various live and pre-recorded UK TV shows.

One of Charlotte's most memorable events was being interviewed with Jazzie B and Isaac Hayes on the hit live French mainstream TV show, “Tara Tata”, which had an audience of several millions and where she sang an improvisation with Isaac first, followed by “Papa was a rolling stone”, again with Isaac, and both to rapturous applause and great acclaim!

Around this time, Charlotte met and worked with the legendary Tom Jones for whom she wrote the song, “I’m ready”, for his “The lead and how to swing it” album. At Tom’s request, the song also features Charlotte’s backing vocals!

Following on from her success with Soul 2 Soul, EMI then offered Charlotte a record deal and licensed her songs to US label, Nervous Records. Through Nervous, Charlotte enjoyed a US #1 Billboard Dance Hit with "Skin" (remixed by
Junior Vasquez) and 2 further Top 10 hits with "Someday" and "Don't be afraid of the dark" (3 & 5) in 1999/2000! All 3 songs were written and performed by Charlotte. As a result, Charlotte played numerous gigs in New York, Boston and Miami, also Toronto and Japan, from 1999 to 2002, and gained a large, loyal following, particularly amongst the gay fraternity.

However, EMI, at home with guitar-led bands, but not particularly renowned for their success with R&B artists at that time, failed to both capitalise on her success in the US and to promote/market her effectively. Charlotte and EMI couldn't agree on which direction her career should take, so they both agreed to part company amicably.

Nervous Records immediately offered Charlotte a record deal in the US, but she declined because she didn't want to do what, effectively, was "Dance Music", preferring to concentrate on R&B/Adult Contemporary, and she felt that they were under-funded for what she wanted to accomplish.

Charlotte then released her manager for various reasons, notwithstanding the fact that, without her prior knowledge or consent, he had


Raining in Heaven

Written By: Charlotte Kelly


Verse 1
You gave me a thousand roses
Promised a world
Where the grass was green
And just like a waterfall
There was a never-ending flow

Then you left me cold
Turned me to stone
Coz you twisted my reality

When did you wanna let go
When did you wanna say no
Tell me when you put a stop to me
When did you flat line?
When did you stop time?
Tell me when we ever reach the end
It’s raining in heaven

Verse 2
You’re killing all my illusions
Everything bitter is no longer sweet
I feel so dead inside
It’s hard to see the light
Coz if the angels knew
How much you stole my groove
They would give you back to me


Middle 8
My nights are lonely
So are my days
Wishing you were here with me
I miss you
That’s how it is
I didn’t see it in your eyes

Chorus Out

Lyrics & Melody by: Charlotte Kelly
Music & Production by: Håvid Engmark


Written By: Charlotte Kelly


Verse 1
There must be a reason
That you never did let me go
Coz you weathered every season
And you held on
So tell me how you walk away
From everything we made

Bridge 1
If you take this pretty picture
Throw it on the floor
You go and pack your bags
And take it all

Don’t you take stars from skies
Don’t you turn me inside
Don’t you put out my fire
On you and I
Don’t go and set me free
Coz you know that would be
A killer symphony

Verse 2
I know it isn’t easy
The best things never are
But you know if you give in
Then you’ll never know
I could be the missing link
From your broken chain

Bridge 2
How can this be over
We’ve only come half way
Stay forever if you can
Won’t you


Mid 8
Only an angel
Can make you change your mind
They wouldn’t see you walk out of my life
You’ve got to hold on
Where do I
How do I
Go on


Chorus out

Lyrics & Melody by: Charlotte Kelly
Music & Production by: Helgi M. Hübner (Hitesh)

I need you that way

Written By: Charlotte Kelly/Richard Darbyshire


Verse 1
Love in my pocket
That’s not the way I roll
I need somebody for my soul
It’s not in my nature
To always be on your case
24 Hours 7 Days

Bridge 1
I believe we both
Have the right to roam
All we need is some loyalty
I ain’t got the time
For suspicious minds
‘cos I love you baby
I can set you free

I need you that way
You don’t have to stay
Don’t wanna share your name Baby
That’s ok
I need you for life
I need you tonight
As long as we’re together
That’s all right

Verse 2
Whatever the weather
You’re free to come and go
Cos you know this is your home
What could be better
Than knowing where you belong
And this door is never closed

Bridge 2
I don’t want your mind
I don’t want your money
You can keep me with security
Only got the time
For the honest kind
Though I love you
I can set you free


Middle 8
It ain’t about the holidays
You can take me any place
As long as you take me with your heart
It ain’t about the things you buy
Don’t want you for the car you drive
I know what’s real now, it’s for life

Chorus out

Lyrics & Melody by: Charlotte Kelly/Richard Darbyshire
Music & Production by: Helgi M. Hübner (Hitesh)