Charlotte Grace

Charlotte Grace


Charlotte is a seductive and passionate singer, with an elegant, sensuous look, she is a spell-binding performer. "Ordinary Girl" was engineered by Jeremy Allom (Massive Attack's "Blue Lines") and features musicians like Terrapai and Alex Hewitson on rythm from Dig and Savage Garden.


The new album "Ordinary Girl" showcases the song writing talents and fantastic voice of Australian musician Charlotte Grace. No "ordinary" teenage pop here - this is a collection of sophisticated, beautifully produced songs ranging in mood from ambient groove to uplifting pop balladry.


World Talking - EP
Anyday Now - EP
Picture of You - Single
I thought it was You - Single on streaming Radio KiKFM

Set List

1. Picture of You
2. Ordinary Girl
3. In My Universe
4. Garden of Eden
5. Beautiful Girl
6. Girl in the Bottle
7. The Walk
8. Perfect
9. Mona Lisa
10. Any Day Now
11. Don't Look Back