Charlotte Johansen

Charlotte Johansen


Charlotte Johansen is part of the next wave of adult contemporary New Zealand acoustic pop. An independent artist who writes quality songs and lyrics to make you think, weep or dance.


Charlotte Johansen takes pop and acoustic guitar and gives it a refreshing twist.

With her thought provoking lyrics and her charismatic stage presence, Charlotte has been playing to captivated audiences since her debut on stage six years ago.

Her sound, a collision of pop, folk and a hint of rock has been inspired by musicians such as Michelle Shocked, Sinead O’Connor and Ani Difranco.
Her guitar playing combines dynamic finger-picking with powerfully strummed chords.

As one reviewer writes:
“Charlotte plays what could be shelved as folk, but with an edge that belies any thoughts of saccharine…Remarkable!”


There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground, 2002
Yes Charlotte, 2005