Charlotte Wiltshire

Charlotte Wiltshire


Charlotte Wiltshire singer/songwriter, R&B and Soul


Born in Chile, Charlotte arrived on the shores of Sydney Australia as a three month old baby and soon showed her talent for singing. Her mum recalls her singing in the cot from day one and making the most melodic sounds and as a two year old she could whistle in perfect tune.

As Charlotte grew so did her love of singing and luckily she was always surrounded by an eclectic array of music. Discovering her parents’ record collection at a tender age, Charlotte soon fell in love with soul artists such as Sly and the Family Stone, Rufus and Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers.

Charlotte began singing lessons at age 14 and sang in her school choir, Acapella group and rock band. Coming across Carole King’s Tapestry at 15 was a seminal moment and inspired Charlotte to begin writing songs of her own.

She joined her first professional band in 2001, singing blues and soul standards while also writing her own songs. Midway through 2005 Charlotte teamed up with guitarist/songwriter Paul Greig and began writing and recording her original material.

In 2007 Charlotte ventured into the studio and completed her first release; a self titled EP consisting of five original tracks. Now based in London she is performing with her band and continuing to write and record her tunes.

Charlotte has been hugely influenced by old school soul and R&B artists but also by the sentiment of the folk singer songwriters from the 60' and 70’s. Her music blends all these styles, while her sultry and unique tone lends beautifully to her well crafted and catchy songs.


Charlotte Wiltshire: EP

1. Your Love
2. Playing It Cool
3. In The Stillness And The Quiet
4. I Can't Wait
5. To Leave Someone You Love