Char McAllister

Char McAllister


Char McAllister is an inspirational singer with a silky smooth melodious voice. She has a powerful and dynamic range which she uses very skillfully. Her music reaches beyond all barriers; bringing the gift of hope and inspiration, packaged in beautiful melodies.


Char McAllister is singer/ songwriter/ producer/ recording artist and entrepreneur. Her name literally means "singer, song, delight." God is truly the melody in her song."

Char was born in Jamaica West Indies and began singing in church when she was only six years old. Four years later she and her family moved to the America. While living in New York City her talent was nurtured as she attended schools for the arts. At sixteen her family relocated to Pittsburgh, PA where she continued to cultivate her passion for music . After years of dreaming, in 1997 she released her debut recording "Chosen To Be Blessed". To her credit, this freshman project featured all original music and was released on her independent label, JuDavida Music Group co-founded with producer/musician, Jonathan McAllister. Char has traveled extensively across the USA singing in major events and conferences. Her music has been spotlighted on radio stations across the country. With increasing exposure she was voted "Pittsburgh's 1999 Best Gospel Performer" at the WAMO (Sheridan Broadcasting Network) annual awards ceremony. She has performed on internationally televised programs. In 2000 Char recorded a Christmas Special featuring her "Family Christmas" CD. The live recording aired on BET and the Inspiration Network. In 2001 she relocated to Chicago IL to advance her career. She then released her single "Favor" with two bonus trax in celebration of all God is doing in her life.

Char's desire is to mend broken hearts through her music as well as celebrate the gift of life. She released her hit single "Dreams" in 2006, and it is still making a major impact. She was inspired to write "Dreams" to encourage and inspire others to pursue their dreams. "God has deposited a dream with a purpose in you. No matter the obstacle, rise above it. No matter the trial, don't give up. Just will succeed."



Written By: Char McAllister

Verse 1
Dreams how do they become reality
How am I to find my destiny
Inspite, of other's when they don't realize
Blinded by the doubt that cloud their eyes
Giving up is not an option
Get your spirit in motion
All you gotta do
Got to believe

Believe in your dreams
Don't give in
Don't give up
You can make it to the top
Just believe
I know you will
You will succeed

Verse 2
Rise to the challenge
With tenacity
Reach for an eternal legacy
Fly high above
The heartache of your past
Pain will come
But know that it won't last
With determination
Soar to your destination
Don't stop
Keep on going
Got to believe

When they say you can't
Gotta know you can
When they say you won't
Gotta know you will
When your strengths giving out
And your faith faces doubt
Just believe

Believe in your dreams
Don't give in
Don't give up
You can make it to the top
Just believe
I know you will
You will succeed

Chosen Millennium

Written By: Char McAllister

Chorus 1
I've been chosen to be blessed
I know I can stand the test
No matter what trials come my way
Lift my head up high and say
God's truly on my side
By His strength I will survive
Daily pressing t’ward the prize
I've been chosen to be blessed

Before the day I was born
God ordered my path
Now that I'm here He has
Saved and sanctified my life
I don’t wanna be nobody else Happy just to be myself
God has created me for His purpose
I'm a part of a holy nation
Peculiar people
Chosen generation
A royal priesthood
I'm an heir to God's kingdom
(I’m my Daddy’s child)
(I'm the apple of my Daddy's eye)

Chorus 2
I have come this far by grace
Can't afford to lose my place
Satan's busy on my track
Trying hard to turn me back
May be down, but I'm not out
Still I'll jump up sing and shout
I know that I know without a doubt
I've been chosen to be blessed!

Repeat Verse

Chosen To Be blessed You know that I've been...

I can go boldly to the throne of grace, to Jesus only I sing praise, He’s a firm foundation, I’m a child of the King, He’s the only reason why I can sing, my life’s been, predestined, justified, soon I’ll be glorified, nothing you can say will stop me, nothing you can do will block me, God He lives inside of me

Do you know who u r?
Chosen to be blessed
Do you know Whose u r?
I'm a child of the King

Gonna keep moving on, Pressing my way, keep climbing higher everyday, No weapon formed against me Is gonna prosper,
God inside of me is greater

Chosen (chant)


Written By: Char McAllister

Never wanna lose God's favor
God's uncommon favor

How could it be
That He'd
Love someone like me
Brought me out
Without a doubt
That's why I sing and shout

Sin I defeat
Problems retreat
Now my joys complete
Prosperity I'm liv'n destiny
New life eternally

You you may have a house on suga hill Living your life for some ungodly thrill You can have a bank account fill even sign a gold or platnium record deal but it doesn't matter if you dont have favor you might as well throw it away

Sing about it
Shout about it
Dance about it
No doubt about it
(Live about it)


Favor-Single w/2 bonus tracks-CD
Family Christmas LIVE-DVD
Family Christmas-CD
Chosen To Be Blessed-CD

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Chosen Millennium