Charmingly Ghetto

Charmingly Ghetto

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA
BandHip Hop

If music is an art, then Hip Hop is my easel, and each microphone is my paintbrush. I intend to leave a number of different ideas, thoughts and feelings on the canvas strewn methodically, enabling the listener to challenge themselves to connect what they hear to create their own interpretation.


As an artist, I am an individual pulling together life’s experiences and lyrically airing them out on wax. I've harnessed life’s dualities and am creating something extraordinary with my music. I’m not scared of the limelight at all. The most important thing for me is that when the limelight arrives, it’s a limelight I can be proud of.

Originally from Boston, I have reached many corners of the globe, especially with 'Study A'Broad: The International Mixtape' which featured production from beatmakers in over seven different countries. I've showcased my talents in front of audiences in Boston, Atlanta and New York - most notably, I passed through three rounds of the Brooklyn Bodega Show and Prove competition and earned my spot to
open up the 2012 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. To end a strong 2012, I received a nomination as "Hip-Hop Artist of the Year" in the 25th annual Boston Music Awards.

I'm not concerned with fly-by-night success. I'm making the kind of music that harkens to Hip-Hop’s history while continuing to push the margins forward. I'm crafting music for forever because making timeless music is important. You’ve got to make music for the future because you never know who’s going to pick it up and listen to it.


- C.G.

** PS: Here is my energy during live performances: **

(1) "No Lime" (In-Studio Performance):

(2) "Untitled" (Freestyle):


(1) "The Opening Act Mixtape: The Birth of an MC" | Released January 2011

Follow the rhymes as I flow over classic beats with talented storytelling and timeless lyricism.


(2) "OVERstanding" [EP] (produced entirely by the production team Introspective Minds) | June 2011

"Overstanding" is comprised of 10 tracks, representing a vibrant new sound, heavily influenced by the classic original projects crafted in the 90's in the south, as well as the east coast. The EP meshes the emotion of the raw boom bap feel, with the jazzy glide that is so apparent in southern hip-hop, depicting what the future holds when two budding styles of Hip-Hop collab with one goal.


(3) "Study A'Broad: The International Mixtape" | November 2011

Collaborating with producers from numerous countries around the world, Study Abroad is the realization of my goal to express his art to a worldwide audience through the powerful connectivity of the internet. Like the project itself, the message expressed through my music is meant for a universal audience, addressing timeless issues affecting societies across the globe.


(4) "SuaveHaus" [EP] | August 2012

I teamed up with Abib Jahleel and J-Coop from Atlanta to put out the "SuaveHaus" EP, a collaboration not only meant to pay homage to a vintage sound of Southern Hip-Hop, but also meant to correctly portray a perspective some can’t seem to grasp anymore – narrating real life stories of trials and tribulations of the black plight through music, in a raw and genuine way.


(5) "Scotland Yahd" (Produced entirely by Cypria) | September 2012

The collaborative EP, which dropped in September, is solely produced by co-founder of Lunatick Records Cypria who hails from Kendal, UK. This project dropped at a time when all eyes were on London, England (2012 Olympics) which is why it was important to note that this U.S. x U.K. collaboration goes even deeper than just the artists involved.


(6) "Kickz n Starez" | January 2013

To continue building momentum, I released a 6-track EP titled Kickz-n-Starez via The Mad Bloggers and Heyday Footwear. This project features talented production from the US and Europe, as well as verses from ScienZe, Lyric Jones and Maya Azucena.


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