Charm Offensive

Charm Offensive


Charm Offensive is about the battle between an interesting sound and a popular sound, a great hook and an easy hook, real and synthetic, logic and intuition. It's about finding balance between instruments, layers and sounds. Charm Offensive always comes out on top.


Although originally from Mayo, where their fame (albeit under a different moniker) spread faster than they could find gigs, Charm Offensive's story really began in Maynooth. Coming from a mixed musical background, with equal amounts of electronic, classical, electronic, pop and jazz influences, all five members come together to create something very different. Having been playing together for a number of years, they confidently run the gamut between all these genres and more, always unique and always absorbing, with a blend of sweet melodies, unusual sounds, and good old-fashioned piano and guitars.

Although they have yet to get quality time in a studio, the band have a number of gigs under their belt, including a kickin' set at Eamonn Doran's this year, when the audience declared themselves life-long fans. Their home-made demo (recorded live and in single takes) showcases a few of a band equally comfortable with their live selves and their own home-made studio set-up...if only they had a studio.

Set List

Charm Offensive setlists usually last about 45mins to 1 hour. Songs depend on what we're working on and what we're happy with, the venue, the mood of the crowd, our mood...