Seattle, Washington, USA

In the 19th century, metropolitan Seattle was founded by freemasons, occultists, and spiritualists—but today, it’s being dramatically rebuilt by the tech sector. Out of this strange intersection of energies in the city’s history emerges Charms, a biomechanical noise punk trio whose necro-electro sound is akin to a thousand broken computers surging with blue crystal power.


CHARMS is the sound of a necromancer’s overheated computer exploding into a thousand crystal energy shards. The Seattle trio have spent five years violently convulsing in front of crowds wielding their crushingly heavy brand of mecha-magick noise punk. 

Anchored by drummer Ray McCoy’s piston-like primitivism, the constant barrage of brute rhythm provides a solid bedrock upon which vocalist E.J. Tolentino’s bubbling cauldron guitar and keyboardist Joshua McCormick’s glitchy, doom-laden synth lines engage in life or death battles with inner and outer demons. Take the band’s infernal single, “Separator” a song based on the mythical Filipino monster, the Manananggal—a creature that assumes human form by day, but whose torso splits off at night and transforms into a winged, man-eating bloodsucker. The tune’s heroic, charging fury soundtracks a theoretical encounter with the beast, Tolentino’s anxious screams contorting into breathless knots of terror atop barreling, kinetic riffs.

Human Error, the band’s debut LP produced by Randall Dunn (Wolves in the Throne Room, Sunn O))), Earth), is a constant push-pull between atonal chaos, quest-like atmospherics, and earworm songwriting knack—triumphant melodies that burrow into your subconsciousness then bash you upside the head a second later. Each song is steeped in cyber-fantasy, thick with swampy, mechanical squelching and a crackling, irridescent glow. 

Charms has performed at festivals like Bumbershoot,Capitol Hill Block Party, Summit Block Party, Macefield Music Festival, West Seattle Summer Fest, Bigass Boom Box, Big BLDG Bash, and Plus One Fest. They have performed with bands like So Pitted, Grave Babies, Chastity Belt, Wax Idol, Guerilla Toss, Gazebos, The Shivas, Erik Blood, Dude York, Religious Girls, and Spencer Moody (Murder City Devils).