Charms of the Beloved

Charms of the Beloved

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You'll find my music at the corner of Amy Lee from Evanescence and Amy Grant.


Music has been a part of my life from a very early age. As a little girl I would "compose" little songs to sing to no one in particular. I was actively involved in church choirs throughout my youth. I also played the violin in my younger years.

I have a lot of musical influences, ranging from classical to hard rock and everything in between. As a result my music tends to be a bit eclectic. My songs always pull from my life experience, so they are as much an auto-biography as they are beautiful to hear or fun to sing.


Best Friends Forever

Written By: Brandy M Miller

I know his deepest fears
He’s kissed away my tears
It’s a give and a take
It’s okay to make mistakes
True love’s not about perfection
It’s about forgiveness not rejection

It’s always easy when love is new
To promise that you’ll stay true
But when love is tested by reality
That’s when you learn to really see
The measure of the heart inside
The walls are down and you can’t hide

Put down the mask, tear down the wall
Take the good with the bad, give it your all
Take a risk, show him who you really are
If it’s real love, he won’t go far
Love is patient, love’s divine
Love will give it one more time

We were best friends forever
Before we ever became lovers
Cause best friends stay together
Long after lovers leave each other
Love is patient, love’s divine
Love will give it one more time

If You Only Knew

Written By: Brandy M. Miller

If You Only Knew
Brandy M. Miller
February 14, 2008

It’s so hard to stand here in the rain
It’s so hard when I see all your pain
I want to reach for you
I want to scream for you
I want to run for you
I want to hold you close and never let go
But I know, yes I know

This web of lies has bound me tight
I struggle hard but loose the fight
Cacoon of sin, can’t see the light
Is there ever a way to set this thing right?
I try to hide, take refuge in night
But you’re always there, shining so bright
If you only knew, what would you do?

You call my name, I hide my face
You take my hand, you close the space
You pull me close into your warn embrace
Your words they strip me so completely
Lies fall in tatters and now I can see
You knew all along, how can this be?

You know I’m not worthy
You know all the things I’ve done
And all I’ve become
Yes, you really know me
and you’re still standing there
Yes, you really know me
And you still say you love me

I know I’m not worthy
I know all the things I’ve done
And all I’ve become
And If you really knew me
would you still be standing here?
If you really knew me
Would you still say you love me?


Written By: Brandy M. Miller

You hide from me
In your fortress built of stone
When I knock at the door
You pretend you’re not home
I hear your cries behind the wall
I hear the sighs and moans
If you’d just take my hand
You wouldn’t have to be alone.

I know why you hide in the dark
I see where the bruises left their mark
You thought you could hide from the pain
So it would never find you again
If only you had known how lonely it would be
Behind your walls of misery
It doesn’t have to be this way.
The walls don’t have to stay.

I’ll wait for you here, on the other side of that wall
And I’ll stay here for you, till I hear you call.
I weep for your pain, and I ache for your fears,
I’ve counted each and every one of your tears.
I’ll hope for the day when you open that door,
I won’t force it open; it would just hurt you more.
I’ll count on the angels to carry these notes to you
And pray that my song is getting through.

Your prison is your own design,
The doors locked from the inside
Step out into the light, taste sunshine
Freedom is waiting, Love is calling.
Let me lead, surrender your heart to mine
Trust is hard, but this is where we begin
Reclaim the world you left behind
When you locked yourself away

Take Me in Your Arms

Written By: Brandy M Miller

I know who I was when I found you
I know who I’ll be if you leave me
You give me courage to get through
Your love it sets me free

Like a map, you show the way
You help me grow stronger every day
You know just the words to say
To make everything okay

All these wounds that you tend
With your love helps me to mend
You’re my lover and my friend
We’ll be together till the end

I know how much I owe
More than you will ever know
That’s why I’ll always follow
No matter which way the wind blows

Take me in your arms
Hold the world at bay
Keep me safe from harm
Promise that you’ll stay

Forever, Amen

Written By: Brandy M. Miller

Everyone said it couldn’t last
We were just too young to know
Barely in our teens, moving fast
When they said stop, we said go
High school together was a blast
Though we had our share of rows
Looking back now on our past
I’m glad we let love grow

We took our vows at just nineteen
Had our son the very next year
We didn’t have a penny to be seen
We struggled on and faced our fears
Time taught us both how to lean
Through the laughter and the tears
I know you know just what I mean
When I say I’m so glad you’re here

In this world where vows are made to be broken
And forever is replaced by until then
We stand by the words that we’ve spoken
We don’t forget where we’ve been
Our love is real; it’s more than a token
I’ll be with you forever, amen

Called Into Life

Written By: Brandy M. Miller

Choose Life, You challenge me
Give this child a chance to be
At this time when I cannot see
the beauty of the forest for the trees
Grant me the strength to break free
to see this as a gift rather than misery

When just a single cell,
Your eyes could tell
The finished shape of the shell
Even before I began to swell
You formed the child to dwell
Fearfully and wonderfully made, so well

Created with love by Your hand
I’m trying hard to understand
How this tiny life fits in Your plan
Still I know You’re greater than
The troubles of today and
So I’ll place it in Your hands

Called into life by You, this child grows
Called for a purpose only You can know
Though its hard for me to believe
For only you can conceive
The harvest of the seeds that we sow
The way in which Your mighty wind blows

I'm Renewed

Written By: Brandy M. Miller

Gentle Son, Your rays of tender love
Shining down on me from up above
Slowly melting off the ice of sin
That kept my heart trapped within
Just a flutter at first then a new beat
I’m alive again and it feels so sweet
And this is only the beginnin’

Your blood starts flowin’ in my veins
With new life there comes the pain
Even when it hurts I get a lift
Because I know it’s all a gift
Following Christ comes with the cross
Greatest love in greatest loss
I thank the Lord and I won’t complain

Now my heart’s so full of gratitude
You’ve completely changed my attitude
Your body and blood are all I need
To keep me safe and keep me freed
There’s nothing I want more than you
Whatever you ask is what I’ll do
Just thinking of you brightens up my mood

I’m renewed, I’m renewed, I’m renewed, I’m made new
New eyes to see the world in all its hues
New ears to hear and understand what’s true
New skin to feel and hands to heal, too
New tongue to taste and to take in you
New nose to smell the world the way you do
All for you, just for you, I’m living in you

Lord of Lords

Written By: Brandy M. Miller

When I grew in silence in my mother’s womb
You whispered promises of victory over the tomb
As your gentle hands wove me on life’s loom
You spoke to me of salvation from doom

Born with stain of Original sin, so impure
Born to the grave and to death’s unholy allure
In your waters of baptism was death’s only cure
A new life in you, I am now pure

Daily you offer me in bread and wine
Your flesh and blood, your life divine
Strength for the journey, this Eucharistic sign
Given in love to the fruit from the vine

Lord of Lords and King of Kings
Your life our salvation brings
Through Life and death, through all things
Your glory our hope your praises we sing

One Girl Said Yes

Written By: Brandy M. Miller

Surrounded by her fears
Left alone with her tears
Faced with choices hard to make
Whether to give life or to take
She cries out to God to help her choose
How much more can she loose?

One girl wonders about the years ahead
How will she live if the child is dead?
They promise that it’s easy to forget
They promise no memories, no regret
An easy life, a normal life, full of fun
Think of yourself, forget about the little one

One girl wonders about the years ahead
And puts her trust in God instead
She knows the road she travels will be long
But she believes that He will help her to be strong
Give her courage to face the things unknown
Courage to raise the seed which has been sown

Twenty years of tears, full of regrets
Memories of a child she cannot ever forget
A decision made in a time of dark and fear
Every child’s laugh a sentence in her ears
The love she could have had, the life she chose to end
The knife that tears a soul the pain that never bends

Twenty years of hardship, but with good times too
Twenty years of each day dawning bright and new
A decision made to trust in a time of dark and fear
Became the blessing that sustained her through the years
The love so pure and simple of the life that she once saved
Is the love that returned to her from the life that God gave

One girl said “Yes”.
One girl said “No”.
One girl chose Life
One chose the knife.

Welcome, Everybody!

Written By: Brandy M. Miller

Welcome everybody, come on in!
This is the place where it all begins

Wipe off your tears, put your sorrows away
You’re home now, home to stay

Shout for joy! Let your voices be heard!
Listen to the Good News! Listen to His Word!

Gather round the table for the sacrificial feast
Our offering of simple wine and bread without yeast

Transformed into blood and body of Christ’s divinity
Broken and shared, bringing us together in unity

Now that we’re fed, and given new life
Let’s pass it on, bring peace where there’s strife

Here in this place
We gather near
Here in this space
Things become clear
Each shining face
A sign that God’s here

Wedding Ring

Written By: Brandy M. Miller

Wedding Ring, Wedding Ring
Slipped on the finger of a pretty little thing
Wedding Ring, Wedding Ring
Wondering what the future will bring

New wedding ring, shiny and gold
Slipped from the box, its future untold
Promises made, promises new
To love her, to hold her, to always be true

One year gone and a new scratch or two
The ring a reflection of what love’s been through
Changing and growing, giving and taking
Laughing and fighting, crying and love making

Five years now and it’s hard to believe
How much love there is to receive
Babies in the arms, the kids in tow
Watching the joy of the family grow

Twenty years passed, doesn’t seem that long
The love that was new, still running strong
Kids nearly grown, house nearly paid
Working together the future was made

Fifty years in, the ring’s still bright
The glow of love a shining light
The kids are gone, the house is sold
Love keeps young the body that’s old.

Sixty years and the ring’s at rest
The hand that wore it passed love’s test
Lovers parted, but it’s just for today
One went ahead to show the other the way

Clearly I Remember

Written By: Brandy M. Miller

Clearly I remember
That snowy day in late December
Came a poor man and his wife
About to give birth to new life
Said they’d come a long, long way
Asked me for a place to stay
Didn’t have much but they’d give it all
To stay the night in a cattle stall

They gave birth to a son that night
A shining star their only light
Shepherds came to spread the news
The Savior born for me and you
I could not believe my ears
My eyes were filling up with tears
To my shame, what could I say?
To think I’d treated Him this way!

I ran to see Him where He lay
His resting place in a bed of hay
His mother seemed to understand
She let me in, led me by the hand
She placed the baby in my arms
Trusted me not to do him harm
Wise men came bringing gifts and gold
To honor him, the promised one of old

They left without a word one night
Grabbed their things and they took flight
Where the babe had lay was something new
A note, a gift, and a promise too
“We’ve got to go a long, long way
But we’ll be back again some day
We give this gold into your care
If a stranger comes to stay, please share.”

If I’d have only known that day
Who it was that’d come my way
I’d have given everything
Just to say I’d served the King
There’s always room now at my inn
For when the Savior comes again
Strangers come and they find rest
In the Savior’s room, they receive my best.


I'm new enough on the scene that you're the first to hear of me. However, I expect that to change.

Set List

A typical set list is between 10-15 songs, depending upon the audience and the request.
The songs would vary depending upon the audience as some of these songs are adult contemporary and others are contemporary christian.