San Marcos, Texas, USA
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Chasca is a Texas-born hellstorm of a band - equal parts glammed out alternative rock, Rocky Horror dramatics and devil-horned power chords.


Laurie Gallardo, of Austin’s KUTX, summed it up quite nicely when she wrote:

“a distinctive, outrageous blend of rock, glam and cabaret fabulousness that would make Minnelli proud. Just kick up the rock ‘n’ roll theatrics and glam flair an extra notch. It’s as if Dr. Frank N. Furter possessed the show, hijacked the mothership, and hightailed it back to transsexual Transylvania with light speed fueled by T Rex, New York Dolls, and a dash of Queen‘s soul fire.”

Yes. That.

Chasca is a five-piece rock band based in San Marcos, Texas. They have just recently released “Barbarians”, the follow-up to their acclaimed debut EP “Bedtime for Bedlamites”, which reunites the band with mad scientist and uber-producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith at his Bubble Studios in Austin, Texas.

Frenchie is best known for his work with bands like The Darkness, Jet, Built To Spill, Meat Puppets, and his tenure in his bands 16 Deluxe and Young Heart Attack.

Chasca has been playing throughout central Texas for a couple of years and have quickly built an increasingly fanatic fan base with their unique brand of cabaret-glam rock and roll. Sparks fly, devils grin, babies coo, dogs howl. Favorite local venues in Austin include ongoing appearances at The Blackheart, where the band was recently shutdown mid-song so the Fire Marshal could clear the packed venue (sorry Blackheart! Kisses!), The Mohawk, and soon-to-be-missed Hole in The Wall, to name a few, and the band has recently begun touring through the dark corners, including repeated visits to The Valley and strange, alien landscapes like Victoria, Texas.

Chasca is: JT Martin (lead vocals, flute), Sean Hannon (guitars), Junior Scott (bass, vocals), Brittany Paris (keyboards, vocals)) and Wiley Koepp (drums).


Barbarians (June 2015)
produced by Chris "Frenchie" Smith at Bubble Studios, Austin, TX

Bedtime For Bedlamites (October 2013)
produced by Chris "Frenchie" Smith at Bubble Studios, Austin, TX

Paint The Sky (2010)

Set List

So Long, Crassus
Tom O'Bedlam
The Muse and the Martyr
Kruella Stareater
The Barbarian
The Beast
Kruella Stareater Part Two: See You In Tea, Kruella
Nick the Dickens
* Cherry Bomb
* Carry On
* Somebody To Love

* cover song