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Chase Allen

Westminster, California, United States

Westminster, California, United States
Band R&B Singer/Songwriter


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"Lennon Award Winner 2008"

Public voted online Lennon Award winner from the John Lennon Songwriter competition 2008 - John Lennon Songwriting Contest

"If Timbaland has some free time, Chase Allen’s music would probably be the kind he could get down with producing."

Chase Allen
Santa Monica

By Paula Munoz

Contact: chaseryanallen@hotmail. com


Summary: If Timbaland has some free time, Chase Allen’s music would probably be the kind he could get down with producing.

The Players: Chase Allen, vocals, keyboard; Bert Baker, drums; Russel Walters, bass; Ryan Radcliff, guitar.

Material: Chase Allen’s music is R&B and soul with the energy and catchiness of Maroon 5. The tunes are definitely radio-ready, although some, like "Who the," where Allen asks, "Who the F- do you think you are?," may not exactly be radio-friendly. Be that as it may, the songs are so strong and the melodies so memorable, especially "Lying Awake," you’ll have no choice but to sing and dance to this funky white boy’s beats.

Musicianship: The talented musicians in the band are the perfect complement to Allen, who plays keys with precision and passion. And, his vocals are impressive with a range and style comparable to Justin Timberlake. Like that R&B-pop star, Allen executes vocal runs fast and intricate.

Performance: Although Allen played a very short set (only four songs), it energized the audience and left everyone wanting more. The music was excellent, as was Allen’s technical performance. More experience in front of a crowd would benefit his overall impact. Allen put it all out there and left his heart on the stage, and the audience responded.

Summary: If Timbaland has some free time, Chase Allen’s music would probably be the kind he could get down with producing. It is big and funky and Allen’s singing ability is noteworthy to say the least. And although he may, at times, appear to exist in his own world, what a world it must be.

Paula Munoz - Music Connection Magazine 2008

"Orange County Music Awards 2007"

Orange County Music Awards 2007
Best R&B Singer Category

Chase Allen - Best R&B Singer Category

"Los Angeles Music Awards 2008"

Best R&B Single of the Year LAMA 2008

Winner- Chase Allen "Echoes"

- Best R&B Single of the Year

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Thursday, April 9, 2009
Chase Allen
Chase Allen was one of my first MySpace friends, so needless to say that is where I discovered his music. His page was much more established than mine: it had a cool background image, and he had like at least 1,000 friends. Now Chase has upwards of 6,500. Obviously he is doing something right. Chase Allen categorizes his music as "R&B/ Soul/ Experimental," which seems to fit pretty well, but still not perfectly. All the usual ingredients are present: singer/songwriter playing keyboards, thick vocal harmonies, tight drummer, supportive guitarist, bass (though you can't really make it out that well through the MySpace music player). Chase is an awesome singer, and his harmonies (especially on "Echoes") have an unexpectedly rich cadence. Being white and sounding black while not seeming to try to sound black always helps too. His songs aren't exactly straight-away R&B, Soul, and they are not really poppy enough to be heard on mainstream radio, but they are solid with definite elements from those categories, sounding unique with interesting chord changes and transitions between sections. Chase Allen seems to fit in with an emerging group of artists who lack a definitive categorization, as well as a centralized outlet. That new type of R&B-Soul-ish-a-little-different type of stuff that can't be called neo-soul or hip hop, because it is neither. It will all becaome more clear in the months and years to come.
From the info gleaned from his page, Chase plays around L.A. with his band as his main form of promotion. The tracks that aren't live could use some sprucing up, but they definitely serve their purpose as demos. Nice job, Chase. Your music is tight.

Joe Burge
Posted by ATEC396 at 5:05 PM - University's Music Business class (ATEC396

"John Lennon Songwriter Award 2008"

Chase Allen, Grand Prize Winner of the John Lennon Songwriter Award in the R&B Category 2008.


ITunes Singles-

Lying Awake
Who the
Lust for Music
Just B



Chase Allen, John Lennon Songwriter Award Winner, Los Angeles and Orange County Music Award Winner, is a musical artist that not only puts his whole heart into his songs, but his whole life. Recording on his own he plays and sings all parts. However his eclectic Band will blast you through a journey of original R&B, funk, rock, and hip hop beats. Chase is a self made man with one dream in mind, to get his music into your ears. His music is melodic with lyrics authentic and true reflecting his deepest emotions. Chase Allen is constantly searching through music to find freedom in expression. As a self-taught pianist, guitarist, and vocalist, Chase has a unique ability to captivate the listener with his blend of unforgettable melody and harmony.