The Chase

The Chase


Given the recourses we have been given, we are the hardest working band in the industry. If you can get 'em in the door the first time, we'll keep 'em coming back!


Formed out of the roots of big Rock shows like, Pearl Jam and The Black Crowes, and home grown influences such as, Hootie and the Blowfish and Jump Little Children, The Chase brings a unique presence to the stage. Formally known as Roadside Theory, these guys show a more mature and polished style when the lights go down and the volume goes up. Throughout their couple of years as a band they have played with big acts including: Ryan Cabrera, Hawthorne Heights, Atlantic Recording Artists, NEEDTOBREATHE; OMG Recording Artists, Chasen; Upstate Sensation, Christopher Branch; and many more. Not only did these guys preform with big name acts, they also played at many pronounced establishments, including Greenville's Legendary Handlebar three times. The word got out fast about these guys with much help from MANY articles in both the Seneca Journal and The Anderson Independent, not the mention their interview on the mainstream radio B93.7. Look for these guys at a show near you... because they are definitely coming.

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How To Leave EP - 2007
Novel Of Lies EP - 2008

Set List

The Chase usually plays an opening set of about 45 minutes and a "headlining" (closing) set of about 90 minutes.