Chase Kerby

Chase Kerby


Influenced by everyone from Jeff Buckley to Otis Redding. The music is honest and approachable, especially given the music that exists these days.


My name is Chase Duncan Kerby. I was born December 27th, 1984 to loving parents Joe and Teresa. As a child I had a vivid imagination and always felt like an outsider even in times that I truly wasn't. I was pushed and haunted by the belief that there was something always bigger planned for my life than the mundane, trivial, day to day routine I was in. At age 14 I began writing songs with my older brother Jeremy. He was a natural at guitar and is a very gifted songwriter. A year later I picked up a guitar myself and became obsessed with the concept of songs. The emotion that could be portrayed, the atmosphere that could be shaped, and the ability to move people with sounds and words. Writing has become such an outlet for me that sometimes I feel like it alienates me from the people and things that I love. I used to play in a band called Chasing Paris several years back. It was a platform for some of the most amazing learning experiences I have had to date. Shortly after parting ways with Chasing Paris I moved to Nashville to clear my head and discover things in myself that I didn't know existed. In doing so I have loved and lost love, I have lived too little and have lived too much, and I have laughed out loud and shed endless amounts of tears. Often I struggle with self discovery, all the while knowing that knowledge cannot be found but gained. I write strictly about the things that have affected me the most and continue to do so. Honesty is my best policy although sometimes it's hard to get out. I care very much so for my family and the people I love. Sometimes it seems like the fight to make it isn't worth it, but I think about how every inch of my body has hurt or ached because of the literal blood, sweat , and tears I have poured into music. I have made many mistakes in my life and live with those mistakes everyday, but I have done great things and that's what keeps me going.
For the past two years I have been the frontman of The City Lives. We have toured with the All American Rejects and are signed to Edmond records. (Owned by Mike and Tyson of the Rejects) We are currently writing for our next record. The guys in my band are like brothers to me and letting them or anyone else that I love down is something that bothers me very much.
I have strange dreams sometimes about very sad images. These dreams teach me lessons that I couldn't learn in reality. I have hope in the future and in love, I will never let that go even when it seems like all is lost. Forgiveness is a practice for me, loving is a privilege, and affecting others is a gift. I hope that when you hear my songs, whether The City Lives or my solo project, you will take something from them. That is my bio and all a person needs to know about me.



Written By: Chase Duncan Kerby

Stone hearted
But the lion will never know
Who's smarter
And whose heart will taste of gold
Gauge winter
From the time spent on the sea
Where you shimmered
Like a ghost I've never seen

My coma said
"Hey I was right,
There is a place in time
Where you were once,
you will be mine
But you're so hard to find"

I'm sinking
In a ship made out of tongues
Without thinking
You can make out every one
And what they're saying
When the muzzles do come off
I'm praying
That my tongue will pay the cost

My karma said
"Hey you were right,
There is a place in time
Where gun shy lips and
Fire green eyes
Will be so hard to find"

Don't tell me
I'm breaking up just fine
Oh baby,
Your wounds will heal with time

Your conscience told you I would fail
But I gave myself to you
And always will

All Of These

Written By: Chase Duncan Kerby

It's over now
We've fought for too long
There's nothing left to fill the wrong
And consequence has set me up
To fall in love, so fall I must

Because you wear yourself
So well sometimes
The air and the way you smell

You bite my tongue
And kick my crutch
Screaming "dance with me babe,
if you love me so much"
It could be good for me
You'd be my better leg
Be my better eyes
And be my better head
Be my better sound
Be my turnaround
Oh be my comedown
Be my inside out
Maybe then you'll see
That I could really be
All of these things
All of these

A Shae You Don't know

Written By: Chase Duncan Kerby

I see muscle wrap your bones
It's a shape you don't know
I can't leave it alone,
I can't follow it home

I say hope, you say doubt
I see love in your mouth
That you swallow back down
Because you can't let it out

All of this time you were there
And I wasn't half quite prepared
For loving you to death
But you're gone and there's Nothing left

At first you set it up
It's a sign of things to come
But it's all come undone
And there's nowhere to run

I'll come clean, I'll say everything
If my God delivers me
If you forget
When I said those things
Would you wake up next to me?


The Cards EP (The City Lives)
American Kids (The City Lives)
Happiness is Magic (in production)
The Outsider Sessions (The City Lives, in production)

Set List

I can play anywhere from five minutes to three hours. Prefer a thirty to forty five minute set