Chase Emery

Chase Emery


Stories set to epic melodies and arrangements, heard on MTV's "Laguna Beach" and ABC.


After two EP releases, Chase Emery thrills his fans with the full album they have been waiting for. His new album, entitled “Definition" delivers songs of boldness and strength that tell stories set to epic melodies—the types of songs that fully instrumental as they are, if broken down to a simple acoustic track, would still hit you just as hard.

Driven from an early age, Chase Emery was determined to make his dreams a reality. At 16 he tested out of high school and began attending college. At 17 he released his first EP, entitled “Fuel,” which landed television placements on shows such as MTV’s “Laguna Beach” and an ABC series, and earned him airplay on Clear Channel Radio.

While completing his College Degree on the Deans List, his music was taking off and he still managed to put out a second EP, entitled “Elevated,” and tour.

Now, at 19, his album “Definition” is released. Eleven of Definition's 12 songs are new, with one track a new version of his song “I’m Not Going Anywhere”—which played on MTV’s “Laguna Beach.” Chase shows off a wide variety of styles and talents on the album, from fun songs like “I Can’t Wait,” to epic songs like “Fragile” and “I Don’t Know,” to storytelling with “Hallelujah” and “I Miss You.” The album offers substance through its music and sophisticated lyrics. All of the songs on “Definition” are written by Chase Emery, except for one—"Talk to Me" which was written by friend and songwriter, A.R. Tubbs of the Jane Doe’s.

At 19, Chase Emery is just beginning.


Definition (2007 LP)

Elevated (2006)

Fuel (2005) - Chase's debut EP release which hit #1 several times and stayed in the top ten for three weeks on one of the largest online independent music retailers, Also, gained radioplay with Clear Channel Radio and earned placements on MTV's Laguna Beach and an ABC television show.

Set List

Original music and occasional covers.