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"Chasing Dreams at the Fair"

With looks like Aaron Carter and a style like the Beatles, local rising star Chase Emery will be joining the ranks of Maroon 5, Tom Petty, and Toby Keith at this year’s Mid-State Fair.

Emery, a 17-year-old guitar player and singer, has gained a large following in San Luis Obispo playing music that blends many different styles – what he describes as “a kind pop-rock-soul-funk-jazz.” Maroon 5 is one of Emery’s biggest inspirations as well as Prince, Sly the Family Stone and “a lot of soul music.”

“The music seems to appeal to a lot of different types of people,” he said. “I’ve seen fans as young as 13 and all the way up to 50-years-old.”

He usually plays solo, but will have three other band members with him at the fair. As one of the youngest musical acts there, he is confident under the pressure.

“It’s awesome to be accomplishing things like this at such a young age. But I don’t really feel like I’m 17,” Emery said.

This confidence and talent has helped him gain support from local radio stations. Pattie Wagner, Director of Sales at Clear Channel Radio, said that she was amazed at what she heard when she received his demo tapes.

“Trust me, mark his name on your wall because one of these days you are going to see him hit the big time,” she said. “He is going to be huge, I know it. I hadn’t heard a demo tape like that since Maroon 5. And girls, watch out, he is hot!”

Emery looks at the fair as a great way to further his career in music and is excited to play at an event he has been attending since he was a child.

“I am excited about attracting new people who haven’t heard my music yet and to reach out to people while I’m there. I just want to keep everyone happy, basically. I mean, this is where I’m from.”

Emery graduated two years early from San Luis Obispo High School to pursue what is turning out to be a successful career in music and now attends Cuesta Community College.

In the future, he hopes to “continue playing bigger and bigger shows” and produce other people’s music. “Basically, I just want to keep playing, it’s what I love,” Emery said.

He will join a very large and diverse set of musical acts that will provide free entertainment at the fair including the Wallflowers. Smash Mouth, Michael W. Smith and Miranda Lambert. On the Grand Stage ticket prices vary and artists will include Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers, Maroon 5, Reba McEntire, Sugar Ray, Toby Keith, K.C. and the Sunshine Band and others.

“We look for a very diverse set of artists because that’s what the fair-goers have asked us for,” said Sarah Pursley, Publicity Director for the Mid-State Fair. “We take a lot of suggestions from people in the community who have called in who have been fair-goers for years.” - Mustang Daily

"Chase Emery, Fuel"

“At 17, he’s already a mature songwriter who plays guitar, piano, bass, glockenspiel, and organ. Accented with horns and funky riffs, his songs are soulful like Jamiroquai without resorting to bubble-gum pop. The CD starts off with the very dance-able “Just To Be There” and ends with three acoustic numbers. With a cool stage presence, stylish attire and a head start as a songwriter, Emery seems destined to have a solid career in music.” - The Tribune

"Pattie Wagner, Director of Sales at Clear Channel Radio"

“Trust me, mark his name on your wall because one of these days you are going to see him hit the big time. He is going to be huge, I know it. I hadn’t heard a demo tape like that since Maroon 5. And girls, watch out, he is hot!” - Published in the Mustang Daily


Definition (2007 LP)

Elevated (2006)

Fuel (2005) - Chase's debut EP release which hit #1 several times and stayed in the top ten for three weeks on one of the largest online independent music retailers, Also, gained radioplay with Clear Channel Radio and earned placements on MTV's Laguna Beach and an ABC television show.



After two EP releases, Chase Emery thrills his fans with the full album they have been waiting for. His new album, entitled “Definition" delivers songs of boldness and strength that tell stories set to epic melodies—the types of songs that fully instrumental as they are, if broken down to a simple acoustic track, would still hit you just as hard.

Driven from an early age, Chase Emery was determined to make his dreams a reality. At 16 he tested out of high school and began attending college. At 17 he released his first EP, entitled “Fuel,” which landed television placements on shows such as MTV’s “Laguna Beach” and an ABC series, and earned him airplay on Clear Channel Radio.

While completing his College Degree on the Deans List, his music was taking off and he still managed to put out a second EP, entitled “Elevated,” and tour.

Now, at 19, his album “Definition” is released. Eleven of Definition's 12 songs are new, with one track a new version of his song “I’m Not Going Anywhere”—which played on MTV’s “Laguna Beach.” Chase shows off a wide variety of styles and talents on the album, from fun songs like “I Can’t Wait,” to epic songs like “Fragile” and “I Don’t Know,” to storytelling with “Hallelujah” and “I Miss You.” The album offers substance through its music and sophisticated lyrics. All of the songs on “Definition” are written by Chase Emery, except for one—"Talk to Me" which was written by friend and songwriter, A.R. Tubbs of the Jane Doe’s.

At 19, Chase Emery is just beginning.