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Chase Enriquez

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Solo Hip Hop Hard Rock




"Chase Enriquez Goes Til The Flame Burns Out"

Chase Enriquez is a mixture of epic rock and roll singer, soulful rapper, and pop balladeer.
His new album Til The Flame Burns Out represents the natural evolution of a man who has been working on his craft for a long time.
Once known as Curse, Chase made his first appearance on Middle Ground’s album From The Ground Up which was distributed on Rawkus Records.
While in Chicago he released his first solo effort, “Seriously”. Bouncing down to Atlanta, Curse then released “Sneakers N Sex” with DJ Cannon of the Aphilliates.
After a brief stint as a front man for a heavy metal band, Chase teamed up with SunNY and hit the road for a small 7 city tour to promote their collaborative Wealthy Emigrants EP and their respective solo projects.
Originally from San Diego, Cali, Chase now has his feet down in Los Angeles as he continues promoting the release of this new album.
Til The Flame Burns Out is an atmospheric, pop-infused epic wall of sound led by Chase’s vocals as he bounces back and forth from R&B crooner to rapper all the way to arena rock ballad singer.
The opening “Night On Fire” will have you raising your fist in the air pumping to the beat. Moving on down the tracklist to “Her Song”, we get to see a different side of Chase as he bears his soul over a somberly piano track guaranteed to make your nerves tingle.
Til The Flame Burns Out is a fresh approach to the previous attempts at genre crossing. Chase has blended various styles that, despite their differences on the base level, each represent who Chase Enriquez truly is.
Another song worth mentioning is the lead single, “Tell Me Why”. You can view the video above.
Go grab your copy of Til The Flame Burns Out then connect with Chase on Facebook or Twitter. - Middle Tennessee Music

"CD Review: Chase Enriquez's ''Til The Flame Burns Out'"

If you are seeking alternative hip/hop and rap music, Chase Enriquez should be at the top of your search list. Fortunately, one need not struggle to find the high points of this album. Every song seems to awaken the spirit with vibrant riffs, hooks, and licks. The more rock-driven, "Tell My Why," is more indicative of an alternative track over a hip-hop medley. "Night On Fire" opens with an electronic shower of sparks and synth medleys that delve right into a booming, bass-driven song with hot hip-hop lyrics and rap instrumentals. The richly-textured track contains gritty vocals that are uptempo, but not too fast they are indistinguishable. The sound is indicative of Sudan's Emmanuel Jal. Though, all the lyrics on 'Til The Flame Burns Out are in English. "In The Wind" starts with a few keyboard washes and tapping percussion sounds. The rap instrumentals back the edgy vocals and rock-like foundation. "All The Way" opens with a shout and symphonic string arrangements and loud, rock instrumental backing that is very cinematic, but in your face. This is rap and hip hop with attitude, but nothing that is too showy or overdone. It's nice to have some musical accompaniment with the vocals. Chase Enriquez is a talented performer and composer that should not be missed if you like urban, rap, and hip hop music. ~ Matthew Forss - Inside World Music Blog


Still working on that hot first release.



Chase Enriquez is singer/rapper whose song writing approach and live show blends the skillful lyricism of Hip-Hop's golden age and the raw vocal energy of Rock n' Roll's yesteryear with an attack that differs from the ghosts of previous genre-crossing.

Chase, (formerly Curse) an artist based in Los Angeles, CA was originally born in San Diego, CA and later spent time in Chicago, IL & Atlanta, GA perusing his music career.
He's collaborated with a number of artists across the country including Battery5, Greg Street & the Grammy nominated Track Slayerz. Born in the 80’s, Chase is influenced by many of hip-hop’s greats, as well as rock legends including; Jay-Z, Guns N' Roses, Nas, Led Zeppelin and Big Pun.

Chase’s (Then Curse) 1st appearance was on Middle Ground's debut album “From the ground up,” which was distributed digitally through Rawkus Records. His 1st solo effort, recorded in Chicago, was entitled “Seriously.” While living in Atlanta, he released multiple projects; “Sneakers n Sex” with DJ Cannon of the Aphilliates, his underground ATL hit song and video “Sol Munki Rag,” as well as a mash-up EP of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black.” Shortly after, Chase moved to Los Angeles and released “Endless Summer” and “Rome is Burning,” both via digital download.

After a brief stint as a front man for a Heavy Metal band, Chase teamed up with SunNY (So So Def/106 & Park) and hit the road for a small 7 city tour through the East Coast and the Mid West to promote their collaborative Wealthy Emigrants project and their respective solo projects.

Chase's latest project "Til the Flame Burns Out" was initially released completely independently in April, 2013 and paved the way to Chase's signing to an indie label based in Dallas, TX Get Global Music Group who is distributed by INgrooves | Fontana. Chase's lead single "Tell Me Why" was released 12/4/2013. Chase's follow up single "Mars" was released via INgrooves | Fontana 08/26/2014. 

Most recently, Chase released a free EP, "Another Night," via, & his website.

To support his latest projects, Chase plays locally across South California, including Boardners in Hollywood, CA; The Jumping Turtle in San Marcos, CA; The Airliner & The Five Star Bar in Los Angeles, CA; the Universal Bar and Grill in North Hollywood, CA; Shakedown Bar in San Diego, CA: Jasper's Bar in Santa Ana, CA, among many others. Nationally he's played such venues/events as, A3C Festival (ATL, GA 2010), Tonic Room, (Chicago, IL), Rawkus, (Colorado, Springs, CO), Side Bar, (Baltimore, MD), Yucca Tap Room, (Tempe, AZ) & more.

Chase Enriquez has received critical acclaim and been featured in such indie online publications such as,,, and along with others.

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