Chase Frank is a solo guitar orchestra. Armed with a vintage guitar and a band of pedals, she weaves layers of sonic mood, telling stories with haunting vocals, claps and choppy riffs. Not smoke and mirrors, but definitely magic! visit


Chase Frank is a songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Her passion has always been music, whether that be performing, producing live shows or engineering. At the age of nine she performed her first school concert playing cello and piano. At the age of twelve she chose guitar as a primary instrument learning everything she could. She recorded her first album at the age of fourteen with her twin sister.

Her first solo effort, ‘Bee of My Mind’ (Poverty Level records, 2004), features Frank on various instruments (guitar, piano, bass, dulcimer, spoon guitar) with some additional unique guest appearances by trumpeter Dave Duseaux, violinist David Lizarde, bassist Robby Delosier, and lap steel player David Bunoan. The album has a worldly flare and a pensive Sunday morning feel. The sound is dark, yet comforting and as a whole is introspective with intricate, unencumbered textural landscapes. Her sweeping vocals are fresh and the lyrics poetic. Bee of my Mind is a very personal headphone album and quite cathartic. The album was patiently made while obtaining a three-year degree in Audio Engineering.

After years of writing, performing and recording, she now performs alone, as the solo guitar orchestra. In short, her best work. She performs alone with a guitar and two amplifiers and a host of effects pedals with rhythmic guitar layers and amazing vocals. The current work has a dark, layered, in-your-face style. The new album, ‘Winter Is My Summer’, has nominal over-dubbing, and was performed solo, showing her acute arranging skills. It also reflects the energy of her live performance. Frank has played with many challenging groups including: Quiver, The Potato Eaters, Quiverfish, Kiwi 6, Buzz Kill Antidote, Hodgie’s Big Drum (Stephen Hodges/previously of Tom Waits band).

Chase Frank has composed and recorded three short film scores including Sherri Heffner’s ‘Flying Machine’ (featured at the Screen Writer’s Guild, Hollywood, 1998). Outstanding accomplishments include the creation of “When Words Collide” (the highly regarded Spoken Word Festival of 1995 & 1997 featuring Laurie Anderson, Patti Smith, Jim Carroll, John Trudell, The Watts Prophets and more) the invention of the ‘spook trick’ (a guitar played w/a wooden spoon), and The Safe House, a multi-media arts installation in Long Beach, CA, featuring over 100 artists. She has personally and professionally supported the local performing and visual arts community of Long Beach and Los Angeles for over 12 years. Chase Frank resides in Long Beach California with her boyfriend, who is an activist and social worker.


Tabitha's Plea

Written By: Chase Frank

Tabitha’s Plea

She says, "Men are a disappointment
Women always fighting for what they've got"
Music is her language now so if you want to talk
You better start singing

She got highs and lows, peaks and valleys
That bird's not afraid of the alleys
She'll take you to a spot she go alot
And in the nighttime it really starts swingin'

They say the night it never ends
And she says, "That's where you go
when you're out of friends"
Three piles of truth right here
I know your ears must be ringin’

People are afraid of what they don't know
I want to get off this soap box
But I feel the need to seperate from what I see
I need to breath
I need to breath
I need to breath

She says, "Don't be afraid of me
“Don't be afraid of anything
“Don't be afraid of me
“If you want to be fearless
You've got to bleed”

I cuss and now you're listening
Don't cut the gristle off of the pig
Your taste is waning Why are you so fat free
She says, "I am hyped and you are mellow
She is black, he is yellow
Why do these words separate us?
There must be similarities
I need to breath
I need to breath
I need to breath

She says, "Don't be afraid of me
“Don't be afraid of anything
“Don't be afraid of me
“If you want to be fearless
You've got to bleed”

You've copied the culture….now see what it means
If you want to be fearless you've got to bleed


New Album, working title "S is for Shallow" is in progress --to be released early 2007

Split 7" w/Minmae (Greyday Records) to be released Spring '07 (in progress)

Winter is My Summer/2006/Vesuvius Records

Tour Single "Tabitha's Plea"/"More"
2004/Pov. Level Records

Bee of My Mind/2004/Poverty Level Records

previous self-released work included Quiverfish and the sound scores for short films

Set List

Tabitha's Plea
Gospel of Sue
Wandering Star (Portishead Cover)
Space Report
Hometown Love
Night Eyes Are Wild

Chase Frank's set is currently songs off of her recent release, Winter Is My Summer & new songs from her upcoming album (working title) "S is for Shallow"