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Chase Lifted

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2011

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Hip Hop New Wave




"Band Spotlight: Chase Lifted"

It is our pleasure to present to our online readers an interview featuring Canadian Hip-Hop Recording Artist, Songwriter, and Record Producer Chase Lifted. The magic behind his music comes from the passion he yields when he is making music that his loves. Lifted has definitely crafted a unique sound that certainly separates him from other Hip-Hop Artists in the music industry. Are you ready to learn more about this young and gifted entertainer? Here is his full story in this fun-filled spotlight. Enjoy!

Isaac: It is a pleasure to speak with you via this important online conversation. I have a chance to review your press kit, and I am must say that I am impressed, excited, and thrilled about your music. What do you think you will add to the Indie Music Genre that will set your music apart from others?

Chase: Ever since I started making music people told me my sound was different. I think I get a kick out of standing out in sometimes oddball ways. I think that when you do what feels right to you first and then present it to the world, it will always be unique, but it starts with knowing yourself. Specific to the sound, I love unusual instrumentals like old school drum loops over new wave synths or rhyming on a Disclosure beat like I did not too long ago. I just try to hit ‘em with something new and say unexpected things.

Isaac: What has been your inspiration for pursuing a music career?

Chase: I’m naturally drawn to music. Music is a place where I feel at home. It’s where I’m most creative and I love the concept of a lifestyle driven by inspiration and art. I want to live an ever-changing experience.

Isaac: Why is music important to you?

Chase: It’s always been a huge part of my life. It’s quite literally my life’s soundtrack. When I hear a certain song, it can take me back to the feelings I felt years and years ago as if I was actually that younger version of myself. On top of that, I can’t think straight in silence. I love connecting with a beat as a listener and as a creator.

[please see link for entire interview] - Junior's Cave Online Magazine

"Check Out Chase Lifted"

We get a lot of submissions here at Empty Lighthouse and we encourage as many submissions as we can get. There is so much talent out there and there is no chance in hell that we find it all.

A recent submission we got was from up and coming hip-hop artist Chase Lifted. Notice how we didn't say 'rapper'. Chase does not come across as your typical rapper, he has some real deep musical chops... and you don't need to read any bios to understand it. From Toronto, he has a very new wave sound that is very welcome in the modern hip-hop landscape. Think young Kanye before 'Through The Wire'.

Could he use a better mic and sound mixing, absolutely. But importantly this guy is brand new and if ever there was a young artist with potential, this is it. Reminds us of another artist we featured last time,
Wolf J McFarlane. We're excited to watch Chase Lifted in the future and see where this talent goes. - Empty Lighthouse

"To the Suburbs and Back"

Torontonian Chase Lifted takes a big step in achieving his music-making dreams on his debut mixtape To the Suburbs and Back. As he says on “Cigarettes (I Need A Vice)” Chase is “just trying to make a living off talking fast” and he does it with aplomb, spitting over nine tracks of woozy samples with production by DeAndre Freeman, Jazz Notes and Chase himself.

Chase identifies himself as an intellectual on “A Million Votes” and has one ambitious goal: he wants to “push the culture forward.” He shows that promise on the anthemic “No Body’s Perfect” a song devoted to pleasing women of all shapes and sizes.

To the Suburbs and Back is a big risk, but one that works out well in Chase’s favour. It’s short, sweet and is a good first showing for the young Toronto rapper. - VUE Weekly


To The Suburbs And Back (2014)
Stupid Hippy Drug Love (2014)



Chase Lifted is a recording artist, songwriter, record producer and graphic designer from Toronto, Ontario. His musical style takes an open-book approach to Hip Hop, telling the stories of his life and how they relate to his generation. Using his colourful flow, Chase seamlessly transitions from feel good anthems to anecdotal confessions about love.

He was born Ryan Anthony Thompson on December 9, 1989, in Etobicoke, Ontario. At the age of 3, his family moved to Scarborough, Ontario, where he would spend most of his youth in a middle-class upbringing. Chase always had a yearning to play a significant part in the music world, as both a fan and an artist. Influenced by his older brothers wide-ranging taste in music, he always kept an open mind towards different genres. As early as 11 years old he began making instrumentals on Fruity Loops. At age 13 he showed interest in becoming a DJ with the release of a series of remix CDs he created using AtomixMP3 (currently known as Virtual DJ). When Chase turned 14 he taught himself to play a 5-piece drum set. At this point it was clear that he loved music but couldn't pinpoint where his true passion resided.

In 2005, Chase stepped away from music as he earned a starting position on his high school basketball team, playing for the Blue Devils at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate Institute. The scatterbrained adolescent was searching for what he loved most and the only way to find it was through trial and error.

Fast forward through lessons learned, love lost, and the decision to leave sports behind to pursue business; in 2007 Chase started fresh with a bold, new attitude at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario. But it wouldn't be until the summer of 2010 when the turning point became apparent. He moved to Waterloo for a co-op placement, where he would meet his roommate Kosta, a sound engineer. Kosta wanted to record a mixtape and suggested Chase rap on it. At that time he had not thought of rapping as a career, or even a hobby, mostly due to his calm, introverted nature. Despite this, Chase always loved the concept of new and decided to perform on the mixtape for fun. It turned out being a dual rapping effort with his third roommate Gabbz laying down lyrics alongside Chase. The music made that summer went on to be enjoyed by their friends and family.

After the 3-month process was complete, Chase gained a hunger for rhymes and writing. However, he was puzzled by the praise he received for his witty commentary and storytelling abilities. This is when he remembered the persistent acclaim he received for his English class poetry writings throughout his early school years. Once those memories set in it seemed to come naturally, whether riding the train or sitting in class, lyrics would constantly flow through his mind.

The summer of 2011 marked another milestone in the materialization of his career when his father bought him a MacBook. Chase produced beats everyday that summer as he taught himself the ins and outs of Logic Pro and Pro Tools. This is also when he coined the name Chase Lifted.

After graduating university, his passion grew along with his knowledge and skill. By 2012 he put together a home studio so that he was able to record his ideas on demand. Over the years he devoted his time to studying the art form, developing his ability to produce and mix full songs and evolving his true sound into what you hear today. In efforts to control his brand, he learned to graphic design. This proved useful in creating album covers, song artwork, logos and other promotional material.

At the beginning of 2014, Chase moved to Toronto to be closer to the vibrant music scene. On January 15th 2014, he followed through with the release of his official debut mixtape, To The Suburbs And Back. He showed his listeners that he was serious about his music career and ambitions to change a generation. He told stories of his past while displaying depth and personality through song. He has since been featured on CHHA 1610 AM radio and in numerous publications including VUE Weekly.

Chase went through a myriad of career choices throughout his early years, but it all came together with great timing. He organically found his true calling and in the process, gained an understanding from his Honours Business degree that would help him navigate the music industry.

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