Chase Mersereau

Chase Mersereau


Can be compared to the smoothness of City and Colour with the imagination of Coldplay.


The band was formed in early 2009 in beautiful Bend, Oregon. The eclectic mix of genres of the city have inspired and created a new sound to bring to the table. From the smooth riffs of the piano and the soul of the bass lines to the rough rasp of the vocals, this band has what it takes to make sweet music. Give your ears a listen and indulge yourself in a smooth, mellow, sometimes unique sound. You can check the guys out at


This Time, Letting Go and I do not have anything radio, however, I do have one rough track of This Time streaming on myspace.

Set List

Plays anywhere from 6 to 12 songs and sometimes covers. Most likely around 20 minutes to 3 hours if needed.